Pat Meehan “A Hypocrite” for Backing Republican Who Raised Property Taxes for Education Funding, Asked for Stimulus Funds, Chairman of Upper Darby Democratic Party Says

UPPER DARBY, PA – Today Ed Bradley, Chairman of the Upper Darby Democratic
Committee, called Pat Meehan “a hypocrite” for supporting Maureen Carey, a Republican
candidate for State Representative. Carey, who is Vice President of the Upper Darby School
District board, raised local property taxes numerous times and passed budgets that relied on
increased funding from the state and stimulus funds. Meehan’s backing for Carey’s campaign,
comes at the same time he is criticizing Bryan Lentz for voting to pass state budgets that boosted
education funding to ensure a quality education for students that Carey and her school district
benefited from.

In recent weeks, Meehan has been an active supporter of Carey’s campaign, and has been pictured
in television news stories knocking on doors with her in the Drexel Hill neighborhood to greet
voters1. Meehan and Carey will also support each other tomorrow night at a meet and greet
in the Drexel Hill home of Upper Darby Township councilwoman Jean Koroly (see attached

Meehan’s support of Carey is surprising considering that during her five-year tenure with the
Upper Darby School District, her board raised local property taxes multiple times, including a
4 percent property tax increase for the 2010-2011 school year, and a a 3.4 percent property tax
increase for the 2009-2010 school year, Bradley said. The district also benefited from increased
state funding from the budget increases that Meehan has sharply criticized, and also received
$8.8 million in federal funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (stimulus
funding) to pay for education that Meehan has been a vocal critic of.

Carey along with the all-Republican school board she sits on also applied and benefited from
ARRA funding for school construction projects2 and members of the school administration also
praised the governor’s budget for its effect on local school districts3. In debates and other public
appearances, Meehan has already repeatedly told families of Delaware county he wouldn’t have
voted for the increase in spending on education that Congress included in the ARRA to help the
nation’s schools during the economic recovery.

“Out of one side of his mouth Pat Meehan is criticizing Bryan Lentz for supporting state budgets

that boosted funding for education, while out of the other side he’s praising a Republican
candidate who raised property taxes relentlessly to fund school budget increases that her school
board was passing,” Bradley said. “It’s hypocritical and the worst kind of politics imaginable.
The stand that Pat Meehan takes on funding the education of our children shouldn’t depend on
what letter a candidate has after their name. This is the same kind of political thinking that the
Republican Party used in backing Pat Meehan’s career as a law enforcement official even though
he lacked the experience to prosecute cases.“

Bradley also questioned how Meehan could be linking himself so closely with Councilwoman

Jean Karoly by having her host tonight’s meet and greet in her home. Karoly voted in favor of the
5 percent tax increase imposed on Upper Darby Township by the Republican-dominated Upper
Darby Township Council this year.




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