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Pat Meehan: Billing Taxpayers for Luxury Hotels, ATM charges, Laundry – and 35 Cent Tolls

Pat Meehan: Billing Taxpayers for Luxury Hotels, ATM charges, Laundry – and 35 Cent Tolls
Meehan received over $8,000 in per diems, $2,800 for mileage

SWARTHMORE: Although he has declined to provide specifics of what he would cut to balance the budget, Pat Meehan has made reducing government spending a focus of his campaign.  However, a review of his reimbursements as United States Attorney shows there was no expense too big or too small for him to charge taxpayers – from stays at luxury hotels to 35 cent tolls.  Moreover, although he accepted $8,000 in per diem expenses and $2,800 for mileage costs, he is running an ad attacking Lentz over per diems and car expenses.
“If Pat Meehan was truly concerned about reducing taxpayer expenses, he wouldn’t have stayed at luxury hotels, he wouldn’t have billed taxpayers for his laundry and he wouldn’t have billed back ATM fees and 35 cent tolls,” said Kevin McTigue, Lentz’s campaign manager.  “Throughout this campaign, Meehan has tried to hide from voters, but he can’t hide his record of profligate spending on the government’s dime.”

According to documents released through a Freedom of Information request, Meehan charged taxpayers for:
*         At least four (4) stays at a luxury hotel in New York City – even though
there was not a government rate available (NOTE: At least once, the address it was billed to was the Republican lobbying firm Greenlee Partners);
 *         laundry
*         ATM fees;
*         $0.35 tolls;
*         $1.50 subway rides;
*          hotel costs and per diems to be in Philadelphia at an event;
*         mileage to be a speaker at a law firm event hosted by the firm’s client development team;
*         driving to the airport and train station for work trips;
*         a call to the office from a European vacation; and
*         trips on the Metroliner instead of the regular train
“It’s bad enough that Pat Meehan has done everything he can to hide from the voters, standing silent as out-of-state political committees that refuse to reveal their donors attack Bryan,” continued McTigue.  “But the fact that he is running an ad attacking Bryan for accepting per diems and car costs is outrageous – especially since he accepted more in per diems than Bryan did and, unlike Bryan, Pat’s mileage reimbursements went directly into his own pocket.”
“This is a contest between two very different candidates,” closed McTigue.  “We knew Pat Meehan was afraid to answer questions – which is odd, since he charged taxpayers thousands to participate in a media relations workshop — and is wrong on the issues, but now we know that he’s also a hypocrite.  It’s another reason why Bryan Lentz is the best candidate to be the next Congressman for the 7th District.”

 A former Airborne Ranger, criminal prosecutor and Iraq War veteran, Bryan Lentz currently serves in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives from Delaware County. He was awarded both the Bronze Star for Service and the War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal for his military service. He lives in Swarthmore with his wife Jennifer and their son Thomas.


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