Paterno Drops Out Of Lt. Gov. Race



Former assistant football coach at Penn State, Jay Paterno announced that he is withdrawing from the race for Lieutenant Governor.

He was facing a petition challenge from Harrisburg City Councilman and Lt. Gov. hopeful Brad Koplinski.

The following is his full statement.

This afternoon I am announcing my intent to withdraw from the Lt. Governor’s race. Over the past twenty-four hours in talking with attorneys it has become clear that the ballot challenge could be a long process with potential decisions and appeals carrying beyond Monday’s hearing.

With less than two months remaining before the primary I do not want an ongoing legal back and forth to be a distraction in this race. The outcome of this election is too important for the future of the working families and all the people of this Commonwealth.

While I have always believed that you fight for what is right, there are times in life when personal ambitions should give way for the good of the whole. To that end I am stepping away. It is my hope that a focus on a thorough airing of the issues allows the best Democratic candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor to lead us into November.

I thank everyone who has supported our campaign. I know we entered this race late and I alone bear responsibility for that and for any shortcomings in our efforts.

As I have stated at every campaign stop I would be honored to be the nominee, but if I fell short of that goal, I would work hard to help the Governor and Lt. Governor nominees win the election in November. That has not changed. I will continue to advocate for the issues of Education, Employment and Equality that we all feel passionately about in any way I can contribute.


In addition to Koplinski, remaining in the Lt. Gov. race are Bradford County Commissioner Mark Smith, State Rep. Brandon Neuman, State Senator Mike Stack and former Rep. Mark Critz.

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17 thoughts on “Paterno Drops Out Of Lt. Gov. Race”

  1. Bucks Barrister says:


  2. Scranton boy says:

    Neuman all the way he looks very strong

  3. Adam B says:

    @KSJW, I think the “Paterno/Centre County” part would’ve taken care of that.

  4. c wilson says:

    I hope its Wolf and Koplinski, but not matter who it will be, they better beat Corbett. Can we agree on that?

  5. moddem says:

    This is a Stack vs Critz race. By siphoning off some southwest PA votes, Neuman will help Stack. Also the competitive Dem US House primaries will boost turnout there helping Stack. Paterno should have run against Glenn Thompson. It would be a long shot but the district became slightly less Republican in the last re-districting and the Paterno name would hold sway throughout Central PA.

  6. Justin says:

    Another one bites the dust.

    Tom Wolf / Mike Stack 2014

  7. Mike Panza says:

    It’s time to convince Paterno to run for State Senate against Jake Corman, who is running unopposed. It’s not too late for us to write in his name.

  8. STACKTIVIST says:

    Stack takes this victory on Primary Election Day.

  9. Wolf/Critz 2014 says:

    This is very good news! Let’s get to work to nominate the winning team for Pennsylvania:

    Tom Wolf for Governor
    Mark Critz for Lt. Governor

  10. PA Conservative says:

    So long farewell!

  11. MaryDem says:

    This cinches it for Critz

  12. KSJW says:

    @Adam B, I never said you couldn’t use a common name. I think it’s stupid that he didn’t use what he had. The lieutenant governor primary is probably one of the least researched races. Why wouldn’t you want to tempt a bunch of LIVs to pick JoePa for the sheer novelty?

  13. Adam B says:

    No, you can appear on the ballot as a name by which you’re commonly known, even if it’s not your legal name.

  14. KSJW says:

    Not the most savvy of politicos. Why would you ever use a nickname (Jay Paterno) when your legal name on the ballot would appear as:
    Joseph V. Paterno?

  15. Wow!! Sounds like his lawyers told him he’d get thrown off the ballot.

  16. WesternPA Ron says:

    and Brandon Neuman.

  17. WesternPA Ron says:

    You forgot Mike Stack and Koplinski are still in the race…

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