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Paul, Coburn Consider Backing Feinberg

By Keegan Gibson, Managing Editor

Evan Feinberg has found no shortage of support from the conservative blogosphere for his challenge to Congressman Tim Murphy (R-Allegheny). Erik Erickson, publisher of the blog RedState, has routinely highlighted Feinberg and his campaign.

Now Senators Tom Corburn of Oklahoma and Rand Paul of Kentucky, both of whom employed Feinberg as a legislative aide, are considering throwing their support behind him.

From The Hill:

 “I think he’s a very smart young man and we haven’t made a final decision whether we’re going to actually be actively involved in the campaign but I do wish him luck and I think he’d be a great congressman,” Paul told The Hill. When asked about what he thought of Murphy, Paul declined to comment.

Coburn suggested that he would get involved in the race. “I’ll have an announcement after the first of the year on that,” he said. When asked about Murphy he said “I don’t know him well enough.”

Those high-profile supporters, who enjoy iconic status among national conservatives, would make it easier for Feinberg to boost his image and raise money. Only Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) his stronger influence among Senate conservatives. It’s no wonder the 27 year-old’s campaign has prioritized outreach to them and other national groups.

A spokesperson for the Tea Party Express, a powerful national conservative organiztion that was largely responsible for the 2010 primary victories of Joe Miller in Alaska and Christine O’Donnell in Delaware, said the group hasn’t assessed its House targets yet. Look for that kind of decision after the new year, he said.

Murphy, via chief of staff Susan Mosychuk, dismissed the rumors and offered kind words for Coburn and Paul.

“Congressman Murphy respects and admires Senator Coburn and Senator Paul for their distinguished record of service to the people of Oklahoma and Kentucky,” Mosychuk said. “Murphy will continue to work hard for the families of Southwestern Pennsylvania and the 18th congressional district.”

Feinberg is a native of Peters Township, Washington County. This fall he moved from Washington D.C. to Upper St. Clair – Murphy’s home municipality.

10 Responses

  1. Tim Murphy is a controlled cog! He voted and stood with Obama on the unconstitutional NDAA 2012. He was also against social security reform. He is a neo-con and a career politician that needs to be replaced ASAP. If the walking dead in PA-18 vote for this scum bag again they need to take their heads out of their @$$!!!!

  2. Hey bob- didn’t you “pander” to the gay “establishment” to goose membership to that bathhouse you own on 12th street?

  3. Congressman Murphy has been lead advocate for energy and health care. He has taken on the Obama White House several times and has always voted in the best interests of SWPA. Mr. Murphy has a rare talent in Health Care in Congress and Evan Feinberg will bring nothing with him to Congress.

  4. Rand Paul is one of the most anti-Israel senators in congress. How is pointing that out anti-semetic?

  5. Evan Feinberg’s campaign will amplify Tom Smith’s campaign against Bob Casey, Jr.

    Winning Ideas and policies and win elections, not pandering to the Establishment. Tim Murphy’s campaign will muddy the message of fiscal restraint and job creation.

  6. Congressman Tim Murphy is very popular in PA 18, he should have no problem beating a congressional staffer. We should spending time on defeating Senator Casey and President Obama, not wasting time on some kid who thinks he is entitled to running for Congress.

  7. Tom Coburn, like most Evangelicals, is a solid supporter of Israel. In fact, Evangelicals are more clear eyed on the need to support Israel than Liberal Democratic Jews who support the anti-Israel Obama and his pathetically Muslim pandering Administration.

    Ron Paul is in delusional and dangerous denial about the threat of nuclear Iran and Islamists in general. In my opinion, Ron Paul is an anti-Semite.

    Evan Feinberg is centered on Constitutional Limited Government, Economic Freedom and Personal Resonsibility based on Judeo-Christian tradition.

  8. My, my, my… Tim Murphy’s political hacks are resorting to anti-Semitic criticisms against the young conservative!

    Mr. Feinberg really has the RINO spooked.

    This is going to get interesting.

  9. Mike McMullen why don’t you post under your own name instead of hiding behind my screen name.

    Are you calling Tom Colburn a surrender monkey? Rand Paul is not Ron Paul.

    And you need to get your information correct. His name is Feinberg, not Feingold and he is a Christian.

  10. Iran’s about to obtain the bomb and rand Paul and his surrender monkeys want to leave Israel -the only democracy in the middle east – to perish. Why would a Jewish kid like Evan feingold abandon his people when the security of Israel, the region, and our interests are at stake?

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