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Paul Mango Joins Trump Administration

It’s in not Harrisburg, but Paul Mango found himself himself in a new government job.

The one-time GOP candidate for Governor, who was defeated by Scott Wagner in the May primary, was announced today as the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services Chief Principal Deputy Administrator and Chief of Staff.

The press release from the CMS touted Mango’s background as a Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company in addition with leading other positions within their U.S. and global healthcare practices and as the head of McKinsey’s U.S. Center for Health Reform.

CMS Administrator Seema Verma welcomed the addition of Mango and Chris Taylor, who will be the Deputy Administrator for Strategic Initiatives, via Twitter earlier today.  

“I am excited to augment our already experienced executive team at CMS,” said Administrator Verma in a press release. “I have known Paul for more than 10 years and look forward to having his support as we deliver on President Trump’s agenda and execute on our strategy on behalf of the American people. I believe CMS is headed into the future with an even greater ability to make positive change.”

During the GOP primary, Wagner frequently attacked Mango for his role at McKinsey & Company and claimed that Mango supported Obamacare. Mango denied the assertion that he was ever in favor of Obamacare.

Mango’s career also includes being a veteran of the 82nd Airborne Division and a graduate of U.S. Army Ranger School, the United States Military Academy at West Point, and Harvard Business School.

Mango acknowledged this new role through sharing multiple articles via Twitter with the announcement.  

19 Responses

  1. Pennsylvania’s loss is America’s gain. Apparently POTUS Trump can pick winners better than the PA GOP.

  2. It is hoped that, from this position, he will reverse his prior support for Medicaid Expansion.

  3. The job title alone indicates the problem with a bloated govt bureaucracy: Chief Principle Deputy Administrator. How many non-chief principles are there? How many plain deputies are there? Then we get into the assistant deputies….

  4. Stop stealing our vote!
    Join the PROTEST!
    PA voters are guaranteed just 17/71 delegates will vote for the majority candidate in the primary. None of the other delegates are guaranteed to vote the majority winner in their districts. That means their vote can be bought. Demand District delegates vote majority winners in the primary under GOP rules!Demand no “endorsements” by the party before primary.
    Show them where you stand by “writing in” your candidate, even if it is Wagner!
    The corruption starts in the party…

  5. Pennsylvania’s (temporary) loss; America’s gain! Congratulations, Paul, you are a man of great character and our country is in need of more men like you. Thank you for your continued service.

  6. Good riddance. This guy is a complete hack.

    This appointment proves that politics isn’t about what you can do, it’s about who you know. Dave Urban got that big fat retainer for “working” on the campaign and now he had to pay Paul back by getting him a cushy job with the administration.

    1. You are obviously a Wagner supporter and your boy gave Val and his cronies close to $500,000 for the endorsement. Mango has been asked by three different Presidents over the last 15 years to serve his nation honorably…..long before he ever knew who Urban was. Get your facts straight, Hack!

      1. Yeah, we know Mango was asked by President Obama to help be a leading advocate for Obamacare. You don’t have to remind us of that.

        1. Wow boy, wagner shills out in force. The primary is over, Mango is moving on to help our country. Trump is obviously ok with the appointment. Why so salty. Dont you have a governors race to lose?

          1. Toal never once mentioned Wagner. But you decided to bring him up. Seems like you are still hung up on the Primary. Get over it already.

  7. Congrats my dear friend and fellow Veteran for I know you will continue to serve with Honor. May the Lord go before you and with you in DC. Blessings, Mark Driver

  8. PA GOP made mistakes. We missed the chance to have a great leader to lead PA. But maybe it is God’s will. Mango is destined for more important responsibilities in the bigger picture . It is PA’s loss but country’s gain. So happy for the news. Congratulations!

  9. So the esteemed giant of healthcare, Scott Wagner, deems Mango to support Obamacare while Mango who denied supporting Obamacare has some position related to healthcare with Team Trump. Oh goodness…..

  10. Congratulations Mr. Mango! Thank you for being the people’s advocate! Much love and appreciation!

  11. SO sad you are not still running for governor. I truly can not vote for anyone else in this race. Please come back to PA when you are finished in DC.

  12. Hooah Mr. Mango, Rangers lead the way!!! Im a bit bummed as I was going to write you in, but with Trump you will have a chance to help all Americans. Thank you for your continued service.

  13. Glad to see this. This man is far to valuable to be sidelined. With and luck after helping President Trump MAGA, he will be ready to run in PA again. One (very many) can hope.

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