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Pawlowski Charged in Federal Corruption Probe

pawlowski3Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski has been charged in federal court in a pay to play scheme, according to his lawyer.  

According to the Morning Call, the charges were filed today, but are currently sealed.  They will be released Wednesday morning.  

The FBI has been investigating the city of Allentown’s government for over a year.  The FBI raided Allentown City Hall on July 2nd, 2015.  

So far in the case, nine people have plead guilty to corruption charges, including Pawlowski’s former campaign manager, and several high ranking officials in the city’s government.  Pawlowski is the highest ranking person to be indicted.  

The probe was investigating rumors of promises for contracting work in exchange for campaign donations.  

Pawlowski is currently seeking re-election, after defeating six Democrats in the primary.

15 Responses

  1. Well the other shoe dropped so to speak, the former Mayor of Reading, the former President of the Reading School Board and a businessman were indicted. The former school president’s husband is already doing time from this investigation. Fleck was involved in Reading as well. Glad to see that the Reading Eagle can still publish a big bold headline above the fold on the front page.

  2. I would like it if Ed Pawlowski does drops out of the race for his reelection bid as mayor right away.

  3. La familia bought him and a few others some expensive suits and charged it to our cash for kids scheme. Good thing the Feds blew the statute on that one Hey your shoe is untied or we could have to buy our way out of another jackpot. This corruption stuff is eating into the godfather’s prophets!

  4. When do they clean out the corrupt PA judiciary, like President Judge Thomas Dobson in Mercer County, PA?

  5. This kind of blatent corruption is disgusting. Glad he is going away. The city of Allentown has come a heck of along way in the last 10 years, hopefully they get someone in there that can continue the cities transformation. Major issue: These people need clean water! Their water is Flint, Michigan levels of bad.

  6. So far he is the highest, although Vaughn Spencer was defeated in his bid for re-election in the primary last year, so of course is no longer Mayor of Reading.

    1. The bigger the fish, the longer it takes to reel it in without breaking the line.

  7. Long overdue.

    Will Fleck come out of hiding? witness protection? has he been spotted?

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