Pawlowski Guilty in Federal Corruption Probe

Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski was found guilty of 47 counts stemming from a federal probe into allegations of him selling influence for campaign contributions.  

The conviction comes just months into Pawlowski’s fourth term in office.  Pawlowski was re-elected last year despite the charges hovering over him and his campaign.  

Pawlowski was found guilty of felony counts of conspiracy and multiple counts of bribery, attempted extortion, false statements to federal officials, honest services fraud, mail fraud and wire fraud.  The felonies carry up to 20 years in prison, but according to the Morning Call he is unlikely to get that long of a sentence.  

Assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony Wzorek said that Pawlowski should “do the right thing” but did not say if that meant he should resign.  

“This type of behavior is not acceptable.   they don’t have it of their own mind to think this is unacceptable, we will be watching, and the FBI will be doing investigations and will root out corruption,” Wzorek said in a warning to other elected officials.  

Pawlowski’s attorney Jack McMahon said he was unsure if Pawlowski would resign immediately.  

Scott Allinson, Pawlowski’s co-defendant, was found guilty on two counts of conspiracy and bribery.

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7 thoughts on “Pawlowski Guilty in Federal Corruption Probe”

  1. Mary says:

    He got what he deserved and now he wants leniency what about the other 11 people involved who plead guilty he’s a POS

  2. Commonwealth says:

    This is the worst thing to happen to the Polish since Lebensraum.

  3. Bakrey Zissell says:

    I will be supporting Ed for reelection when he runs after his jail term ends.

    1. Anonymous says:


  4. Same Old Same Old says:


  5. Zakrey Bissell says:

    who will be replacing him as mayor from Allentown Pennsylvania.

    1. Charles Pont says:

      Another Democrat. Probably, the President of the City Council.

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