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Pence Pays Visit to Philly to Endorse Wagner

Vice President Mike Pence officially endorsed Republican gubernatorial nominee Scott Wagner at a fundraiser Tuesday night in Philadelphia.

The event, at which donors were asked to contribute up to $50,000, raised money for the Republican Governors Association.

Pence tweeted out his endorsement from his personal account last night after his appearance with Wagner:

And Wagner happily accepted:

Though Wagner has never shied away from public disputes, he has recently worked to project a softer tone, with a new ad likening his view of the governorship as a customer service role.

Tuesday’s event, however, firmly ties the Republican nominee to the Trump administration.

Almost immediately after Pence’s visit became known, hundreds of protesters coordinated to welcome Pence to the Rittenhouse Hotel. Organizers said they planned to line the streets with shoes, representing the thousands of children who have been separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border over the last few weeks.

It even featured a special “welcome” from state Rep. Brian Sims.

Wagner continued to fundraise off the appearance today, sending emails to supporters boasting of a booming national economy and successful Trump administration policies.

The email even referenced Sims’ Facebook post, and asked supporters for help fighting people with that “kind of close-minded, failing attitude.”

12 Responses

  1. Isn’t it amazing how trump and the R’s are campaigning on the Obama Economy. I guess when the Mexico’s payment on the wall is lost in the mail –and kim jung suckered trump into believing he’s giving up nukes and he did a reversal on caging babies he has to claim something—Thanks Pres O

  2. Bleeding heart Philly born and bred liberal here. Anyone else, regardless of party, think Sims is the pettiest of petty with that photo?

    “Make me look relevant!” – Brian Sims, aging bear

    1. Then why do you keep voting for these kind of people????? One thing we know for sure, Bleeding heart Philly born and bred liberal machine will do nothing about IT!!!!!!

    2. Wow- totally true about sims. I really think something went wrong in his upbringing that causes him to so shamelessly seek attention. But assuming that photo was actually taken in Philadelphia, at least he spent some time here to have that picture taken, as opposed to being in California, where it seems he usually hangs out when not required to be in Harrisburg. He’s a fake and I wish Ben waxman had challenged him in the primary this year. People are ready to dump brian’s tired ***. Hey Brian, how’s that ethics investigation going?

  3. Well that’s a negative! Would very much like to vote for just one Republican — my vote for Wagner’s on thin ice after that!! The only thing more pathetic than the brutalists Trump, the child abuser, and Barletta is a pandering cowardly clown like Pence.

    Note to Scott — keep it to Pennsylvania– focus! And focus on Fetterman! He’s a self proclaimed socialist!!

    1. Who goes through more batteries pegging their respective rectums to Trump’s child camps?

      A. Stephen A Miskin
      B. Daryl Metcalf
      C. Joe from Bloomsburg
      D. EvilBobCasey
      E. Stephen Miller

      1. Definitely Miskin. He’s such a midget turd of a human being. I don’t know why his wife and kids haven’t got up and left his sick @$$.

      2. Mr. Curtins,

        While I am honored to make your list, I have to openly say that I did not support President Trump in 2016, nor would I vote for him today! What I do support is borders. If you pay attention to world news the EU and countries around the world certainly support borders as well! We need to stop the flow of illegal immigrants, find a DACA fix and a path for these children to citizen ship, create a sufficient work visa program that will continue to fuel our economy (See the Bracero Program-1942). We have a broken immigration system that, if fixed correctly, can help keep America great.

        Thanks for playing,

  4. Talk about tone deaf! There is this sad quality to the Wagner campaign. He prattles on at first for 67 debates and then that goes flat. Then he finds out he has fallen behind Lou Barletta in the polls and is nearly 20 points down to Governor Wolf which is no small achievement. Now he gets the endorsement from Mike Pence at a fundraiser who is part of a team with Pres Trump that manufactured one of the greatest moral and political crisis in modern American history! And tone deaf Wagner prattles on about working with the Trump Administration to make sure Pennsylvanians know how great the Trump tax cuts/economic boom have been. Talk about whistling past the political graveyard. Yikes!

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