Pence to Camp Hill Feb. 5

2020 is here. 

On Feb. 5, Vice President Mike Pence will be making his first swing through the keystone state of the presidential election year. 

The Trump campaign sent out a press release on Monday afternoon sharing the news that Pence will headline a Women for Trump event in Camp Hill alongside Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and Trump administration spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway. 

Pence will begin his day by attending a school choice event in Philadelphia, according to a release. 

“From empowering parents with school choice to female unemployment at a 50-year low, President Trump and his administration have continued to fight for Pennsylvanians,” said Republican National Committee Spokesperson Michael Joyce. 

The Pennsylvania Republican Party added that they are excited for Pence, DeVos, and Conway to head back to the state for the event and “look forward to once again deliver Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes” for Trump.

Pennsylvania has remained a key focus of the Trump reelection effort. In 2019, both President Donald Trump and Pence made multiple visits throughout the state that included boosting the USMCA trade pact to promoting their administration’s immigration policies

Pence’s most recent visit to the state was in December when he joined Trump at a Keep America Great rally in Hershey. During that trip, Pence also made multiple stops in the state that included speaking to a Veterans for Trump group in Beaver County and taking a bus tour to the rally in Hershey during the evening.  

This will also not be the first Women for Trump event held in Pennsylvania. In July 2019, the national Trump campaign held their first “Women for Trump” rally at Valley Forge Casino in the Philadelphia suburbs, which included speeches from RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel, the president’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, and more. 

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party issued a statement slamming the Trump administration for “broken promises to PA students & families” when the Pence and DeVos visit was made public.  

“Mike Pence and Betsy DeVos are coming back to Pennsylvania because their record of broken promises to Pennsylvania students and families are turning voters away. Time and time again the Trump Administration has sold out Pennsylvania students to side with wealthy special interests,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party Spokesperson Andres Anzola. “Nothing they say in a campaign speech will erase their repeated attempts to slash funding from public schools and their support for predatory for-profit colleges. Pennsylvanians deserve a Secretary of Education that helps all students and working families, not just the wealthiest and well-connected.”

While keeping Pennsylvania in the win column is critical to Trump’s reelection effort, multiple polls towards the end of 2019 showed Trump in a tight race in hypothetical head to head matchups with the Democratic presidential frontrunners. 

A Morning Call/Muhlenberg College poll released in mid-November showed Trump trailing former Vice President Joe Biden by 9 points, and trailing both Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders by 5 points in a hypothetical showdown in Pennsylvania. Earlier in November, a New York Times/Siena College poll showed Trump trailing Biden by 3 points among registered voters, behind Sanders by 1 point, and tied with Warren in Pennsylvania, although all results were within the margin of error. The most recent general election poll on the Real Clear Politics Average is from November.

This story was updated with a comment from the Pennsylvania Republican Party. 

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  1. David…I will not vote for Trump/Pence but your somewhat ungracious comments are the exact reason why Dems lost Pa with your misguided sense of superiority over someone who has beliefs different than your beliefs. I found Mike Pence visit with The Holy Father, Pope Francis, instructive. Even though VP Pence is no longer a Catholic he cherished his visit with Pope Francis and brought back a gift from the Pope to Pence’s Mom who remains Roman Catholic. I think that says it all about Pence–I politically disagree with him but he is a good man.

    1. Elmer Fudd-

      Pence has all the earmarks of a homophobic hypocrite who won’t come out of the closet. First of all, Pence is a big supporter of the “gay conversion therapy camps” which are simply about the barbaric psychological torture of gay teens to shame them about themselves. And, ironically, the people who run these camps often turn out to be gay themselves (shocker). Pence is one of the least Christian people on the planet, and had zero problems with the kids dying in cages. He’s like a character right out of the Handmaiden’s Tale.

      Pence is a terrible human being, and also a weak sycophant who gushes over Trump like he’s Orange Jesus.

    1. Remember when you thought Stack was a Republican? A sitting Lt. Gov of a Dem administration, and you thought he was an R. It makes me want to ensure everyone knows how credible or notable your comments should be.

  2. “Pence will headline a Women for Trump event in Camp Hill alongside Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and Trump administration spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway”

    … but he won’t have dinner alone with any of them (per “Mother”)

    Nothing says that your gender doesn’t have a seat at the table when the Vice President won’t have dinner a woman (other than his wife).

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