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Pence Visits Southwest Pa.

Vice President Mike Pence visited Bethel Park to help campaign for state Rep. Rick Saccone’s Congressional bid in the special election to replace Congressman Tim Murphy.

“I’m here today because we’re just getting started.  As the president said yesterday, this is just the beginning, and that’s why we need Rick Saccone in Congress to keep America moving forward,” Pence said according to the Post-Gazette.   

Pence spent most of his speech talking about what he views as the successes of the Trump administration, including the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, passing the tax reform bill, and the administration’s roll back of environmental regulations.  

Pence said that the “war on coal is over” and that “more than 3 million Americans have already gotten a tax-cut bonus, in just the past month.”  

“With Rick Saccone in the House of Representatives and Donald Trump in the White House, and with God’s help, we will make America safe again.  We will make America prosperous again. And, to borrow a phrase, we will make America great again,” Pence said.  

The visit by Pence was his first of the special election, and follows a visit by President Trump in January.  According to previous reports, Pence will likely return to the district as the March special election gets closer.

10 Responses

  1. Mike Pence. Starry eyed extremist who’d install a right wing theocracy in a New York Minute.
    Meanwhile, duped evangelicals still see this president as a hero, despite 5 kids from 3 different wives, multiple scandals involving women, hush money before the election, coupled with misogynistic admissions on an Access Hollywood van ride on a work day at a television show.
    By the way, insiders say Neil Gorsuch is a terrible jurist who cannot write an opinion professionally, and Roberts is unhappy with his poor reasoning abilities.

  2. As a democrat im voting for saccone,reason, lamb has said nothing what he stand for,and he avoids the press,i really thought the democrats had a chance when Murphy resigned,thanks marcil groen.

    1. Connor supports protecting social security and medicare, health care that is affordable, addressing jobs and infrastructure, modern energy development, helping debt-ridden college students, the heroin/opioid epidemic—and has a strong commitment to working families.
      He’s a brilliant former federal prosecutor. Brains and brawn. (Marine)
      Contrast that to Saccone’s hard-edged failed selfish conservatism. And don’t forget Tim Murphy resigning after urging his mistress to get an abortion.
      Time for new faces and fresh ideas and an end to the hypocrisy of the gerrymandering GOP.

          1. 18voter –

            You have a point. But how can you vote for a religious wacko who wants to put god written on every building and every school?

            He was also caught sleeping in session and doing a crossword puzzle in another?

            The other alternatives are:

            1. Staying at home and realizing that the special election doesn’t mean much when you zoom out and look at the bigger picture. Or…

            2. Vote for the progressive Bob Solomon in the May Primary.

            The Repubs are not even backing Saccone. Guy Rescenthaler is going to file on the repub side for their Primary.

            I am no Conor Lamb fan, but voting for the extreme isn’t the logical choice either.

      1. Rick the trickster and his side kick Yoko haven’t met a free meal they wouldn’t take! All while collecting per diem I might add!

    2. How hard have you looked? He’s talked a lot about wanting to work across the aisle to encourage job growth particularly through investment in infrastructure, protect Social Security and Medicare, shore up veterans benefits, and fight the opioid epidemic.

  3. Oddly, he made no mention of Rep. Saccone’s full-throated support for torturing prisoners.

    I am reminded of Sen. McCain’s words: “…following World War II, war crime trials were convened. The Japanese were tried and convicted and hung for war crimes committed against American POWs. Among those charges for which they were convicted was waterboarding.”

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