Penn Professor Launches Senate Exploratory Committee

While a number of elected officials are reportedly mulling a run for the U.S. Senate in 2022, a professor from the University of Pennsylvania has announced the formation of an exploratory committee in the race to succeed Sen. Pat Toomey.

Eric Orts, a professor at Penn’s Wharton School of Business, announced that he has formed an exploratory committee for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate in 2022, during an interview on the Michael Smerconish show.

“I’m seriously considering a run for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania because we need a candidate with independent vision to lead beyond our divisions,” Orts said in a release about the Senate exploratory committee. 

“We need an ethical economy to lift everyone up. We need a clean-energy revolution to solve the climate emergency and preserve a healthy environment,” Orts continued. “We need education to provide everyone the opportunity for a good job. We need to restore our democracy and counter cynical strategies of racism, sexism, and bigotry, and shun the politics of fear and embrace a politics for the future.”

“We need to bring Pennsylvanians together to build a prosperous and healthy future to include everyone and leave no one behind,” Orts said.

Orts has been a professor at Penn’s Wharton School for almost thirty years. He’s taught business ethics, social responsibility, corporate law, and environmental management. 

According to the issues page of his campaign website, Orts says the economy, environment, and education are his three priorities, which he has dubbed the “Three E’s for Pennsylvania”.

Orts adds details of policies he supports under the following topics on his issues page: “An Ethical Economy; A Healthy Environment; Education for Jobs; Pro-Science; Anti-Racism; Equal Rights; and Making our Democracy Work.”

The release about his exploratory committee describes Orts as a “champion of environmental education in business schools,” and touts him serving as the founding director of the Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership at Wharton (no consolidated into the Business, Climate, and Environmental Lab of the Wharton Risk Center) and as a founding director of the Alliance for Research in Corporate Sustainability of business schools. 

Orts has also served on several nonprofit boards in his community, including terms as president of a local school board and his church. 

Orts, who grew up in a steel-and-coal town on the Ohio River sixty miles from Pittsburgh, currently resides in West Philadelphia with his wife, Julie. 

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11 thoughts on “Penn Professor Launches Senate Exploratory Committee”

  1. Republican Freeloader says:

    Daryl Metcalfe is the best choice out there. He would bring great government to our Commonwealth. He stood up for President Trump when Trumps election was stolen from him. This fake news press shows President Trump golfing but this is when he does his best thinking and problem solving. Fake News won’t tell you that!

    1. Celeste says:

      Does he have facial hair?

  2. Doctor J says:

    This guy would be a horrible nominee. Luckily he won’t be it.

  3. Just curious says:

    “Needs a candidate with independent visions” Proceeds to spout progressive talking points straight out of Bernie or AOC’s playbook.

    2020 has taught us a lot. One of those is we need less academics trying to indoctrinate.

  4. Tannenbaum says:

    Better than the other names I’m seeing.

  5. Cindy Hill says:


    They remind me of Communists.

    I will be voting AGAINST this weirdo.

    1. Republican Freeloader says:

      Good reason!! Looks mean everything. Who cares what his ideas are. It’s the looks that count!!!

      1. Celeste says:

        You fart!

        She’s right. Beards are for commies.

  6. charliepont says:

    That’s just what we need in the US Senate another pseudo working class Ivy Leaguer. He reminds me of Fetterman. It would make an interesting race Fetterman against Orts to fill a US Senate Seat by vacated another Ivy Leaguer Pat Toomey.

  7. Benny Franklin, IV says:

    Very impressive resume and background. However, before he runs he should advise the wise ones in the Republican State Senate as they ponder election integrity. Anyway, super qualified for the US Senate for sure. Good luck!

  8. g says:

    Sounds like a very good candidate. Thus, he probably has no chance.

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