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PennDOT: Your One Stop Shop for Voter ID

Pa. Secretary of State Carol Aichele

The Pennsylvania Departments of State and Transportation announced today that voter IDs will conveniently be available in one visit to PennDOT, a measure that could’ve spared proponents of the law some of the challenges they are facing today in court.

The move stems from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision to send the case back to the lower court, ordering the court to review the availability of voter ID. Critics of the law previously had pointed to cases, especially among elderly voters, of multiple, onerous trips to PennDOT to obtain it. That case is being heard today before a Pa. Commonwealth Court judge.

The agencies said that the only requirements receive the voting-only IDs are your name, date of birth, social security number, and address. Proof of residence, however, is not required; PennDOT will cross-reference applicants against the Department of State data.

Unlike before, if the problem can’t be resolved during a single visit, PennDOT will mail out the new voter ID card – thus sparing citizens the need for additional trips.

“We believe these updates to our process will meet the Supreme Court standard that voter ID cards be liberally accessible,” said Carol Aichele, Secretary of the Commonwealth.

6 Responses

  1. Funny, but the Muhlenberg Township site’s home page now has a notice that Photo ID IS required for the November election…I guess the law does not apply to republicans…


  2. Ironic that Gov. Corbett is making it so easy to get an ID that PA might become the one-stop shop for terrorists looking to score an quick ID.

  3. The fact that the Commonwealth had to make yet another change to the process, one of the many over the past 3 months, is clearly indicative – without doubt – that the implementation of the law was not well thought out by the General Assembly, the Corbett Adm or his elections office.

    The law should have been passed in early 2011, in the first year of the General Assembly session so that the Commonwealth could have had till the end of 2011 to test its implemenations and take corrective actions to insure that beginning January 2012 the Commonwealth could insure that it had an effective, efficient, and cost effective program so that all qualified voters could readily obtain the required photo id well before such a highly active election.

    The fact that they implemented a new type of card in late August 2012, then relaxed the documents or info needed in mid Sept 2012, and now has to make another change to provide for “one-stop” (up to 4 fours) provides the Court all the evidence it needs to determine that the Commonwealth cannot assure the Supreme Court requirement for “liberal access” to the required photo ID.

  4. Corbett and his lackey Carol Aichele has plenty of taxpayer cash available to fight non-existent so-called “voter fraud” but in the meantime the majority of PA can’t afford to replace their scammy paperless voting machines. Talk about fraud! Paperless voting machines can be hacked easily or they just might break down anytime. Despite what voters have been told these paperless voting machines are really nothing but cheap computers that have poor security and they are now seven years old.

  5. We don’t have the funds to fulfill our promise to our teachers, but we have the money to appear like we’re not trying to rig the game for Romney.

  6. “Your One Stop Shop” ??

    If find the use of “Stop” to be ironic, since the purpose of the law is to STOP people from voting.

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