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Pennsylvania Bar Association Releases 2015 Judicial Ratings

PA Judicial CenterAs judicial elections are just beyond the horizon, the Pennsylvania Bar Association Judicial Evaluation Commission today released its ratings of potential candidates seeking election in November to Pennsylvania’s appellate courts.

Voters will be choosing three seats on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, one seat on the Pennsylvania Superior Court, and one seat on the Commonwealth Court.

Each candidate who requested an evaluation was given one of three ratings: Highly Recommended, Recommended, or Not Recommended.

According to the PBA JEC, a highly recommended candidate “possesses the highest combination of legal ability, experience, and temperament and would be capable of outstanding performance as a judge or justice of the court for which he/she is a candidate.”

A recommended candidate is based on legal ability, experience, integrity, and temperament. He or she “would be able to perform satisfactorily as a judge or justice of the court for which he/she is a candidate.”

Finally, a not recommended candidate is “based on legal ability, experience, integrity or temperament, or any combination thereof, at the present time, the candidate is inadequate to perform satisfactorily as a judge or justice of the court for which he/she is a candidate.”

The PBA JEC’s ratings are as follows:

Supreme Court of Pennsylvania

Highly Recommended

Judge Cheryl L. Allen, Allegheny County

Judge Christine L. Donohue, Allegheny County

Judge Anne E. Lazarus, Philadelphia County

Justice Correale F. Stevens, Luzerne County

Judge David N. Wecht, Allegheny County


Judge John T. Bender, Allegheny County

Judge Kevin M. Dougherty, Philadelphia County

Judge John H. Foradora, Jefferson County

Judge Michael A. George, Adams County

Judge Renee Cohn Jubelirer, Centre County

Judge Paul P. Panepinto, Philadelphia County

Judge Dwayne D. Woodruff, Allegheny County

Not Recommended

Rebecca L. Warren, Montour County

Superior Court of Pennsylvania

Highly Recommended

Judge Robert J. Colville, Allegheny County


Judge Alice B. Dubow, Philadelphia County

Judge Emil A. Giordano, Northampton County

Judge Paul P. Panepinto, Philadelphia County

Judge Douglas G. Reichley, Lehigh County

David E. Robbins, Delaware County

Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania


Todd Eagen, Dauphin County

Judge Emil A. Giordano, Northampton County

Paul N. Lalley, Allegheny County

Judge Paul P. Panepinto, Philadelphia County

Scot R. Withers, Chester County

Michael H. Wojcik, Allegheny County

9 Responses

  1. I heard D.A. Rebecca Warren speak tonite, and I was very pleased by what I heard. I am wondering why The Bar Association is not recommending her for Supreme court ?

  2. hey Sally r. I did see her comments and it seems that their point on not recommending her have been proven. Perhaps she shouldn’t have asked for the rating in the first place. Bashing a process just because you didn’t get what you wanted makes her look petulant. At the very least she simply could have said the rating was irrelevant and left it at that.

  3. So I hear that Covey asked they hold releasing the PBA rating until AFTER the endorsement on Saturday! Unbelievable!! I am going to blow the lid off this corruption in the Republican Party and the PBA. Oh, what about the sexual harassment suit recently filed against her?? That’s coming out too! I’m Looking into Olson as well……

  4. The danger with challenges like “call the bar association” is that someone might and discover that Anne Covey is not one of the candidates they have not interviewed.

  5. Gary – actually, some candidates haven’t met with the Bar Association yet, so they haven’t been rated. Call the Bar and you can find out for yourself. Then put your tinfoil hat back on and continue writing conspiracy theories.

  6. I guess we’ll know tonight. Either something shady is going on or she is going to show up tonight and give some song and dance as to why she is dropping. Did anybody see the comments from Rebecca Warren bashing the PBA and their process? Kudos to her for standing strong and not giving in to pressure! This is going to get interesting…..

  7. Did Covey drop from the race? I haven’t seen any official statement regarding her not running.

  8. What’s interesting about this article is not who’s on this list, but who isn’t. The Republican Party favorite in all the caucus meetings — ANNE COVEY! Why not? Because she received a NOT RECOMMENDED and withdrew from the race. I don’t see Judy Olson either, but not sure why….hmmmmm. Same reason? These recommendations mean nothing to the average voter. Surprised Covey dropped. I guess trying to save face with the party.

  • Who are you voting for in the PA Supreme Court race?

    • Dan McCaffery (61%)
    • Carolyn Carluccio (37%)
    • Still undecided (2%)

    Total Voters: 344

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