Pennsylvania Part of Clinton’s, Trump’s November Plans

Hillary-DonaldThe Keystone State could be the key to a victory on November 8th.

Pennsylvania, and its 20 electoral votes, are being targeted by both the Clinton and Trump campaigns as the general election contest begins to take shape.

As opposed to 2012, when PA was largely ignored by the campaigns until Romney made a late push that moved the needle but not by enough, the commonwealth is central to 2016’s electoral map.

The Trump camp began articulating a Rust Belt strategy weeks ago and the latest Quinnipiac Poll showed him a point behind.

In an interview with the Tribune-Review’s Salena Zito, the GOP’s presumptive nominee illustrated his interest in the state.

“That is why I always talk about Pennsylvania,” he said of the Quinnipiac survey. “I think Pennsylvania is absolutely one of the states I can turn red.”

Meanwhile, Dan Balz of the Washington Post reports that the Clinton camp is already planning to combat such a strategy from the Republicans.

“The Washington Post’s Abby Phillip described one step that the Clinton campaign is planning to protect states that are must-wins this fall, which is by starting to organize as early and as robustly as possible in Midwestern states with white, working-class constituencies, including Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania,” he writes.

A Republican has not won Pennsylvania since George H.W. Bush in 1988. The margin of victory, though, was less than ten points in five of the subsequent six contests (the exception being 2008).

Finally, Philadelphia is also of course the host of this year’s Democratic National Convention.

With Pennsylvania as the second-largest swing state in the nation (behind only Florida and its twenty-nine electoral votes) expect a fierce fight for the Keystone State this year.

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    I make no bones about repeating this about the Clintons and that the younger folks should talk to their parents about Madam Hillary and also Bill. So the Democrats, the GOP establishment thinks that Donald Trump cannot win against Hillary Clinton? Well there is so much ignitable ammunition on the Clinton Crime family that will be revealed, from the time she first made her appearance at Rose law firm.

    Hillary Clinton who is supposedly was a champion of women and girls cannot escape? In 1975 sexual criminal case in Arkansas that is relatively unknown, Madam Clinton was hired to defend a rapist who sexually attacked a 12 year old girl. Hillary soiled her and used untruthful strategy to successfully get her attacker off with a lighter sentence even though, she claims, Clinton knew he was guilty. It was said at a later interview, that she laughed about the outcome. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, seeing she downplayed every perverted come-on by Bill. WHETHER YOU’RE A DEMOCRAT, LIBERAL OR INDEPENDENT YOU SHOULD “GOOGLE” THESE SORDID EPISODES YOURSELF?

    The lady is perfect liar and deceiver and the only way she has slipped past justice is having individuals Eric Holder and long index cronies in the Democrat-Liberal political party. There is so much dirt under the surface Donald Trump will not know where to begin? Young first time voters should scan the Internet about the prior life of Hillary Clinton, then taking the couple for their diologue?

    What do you know about these court proceedings: Travel-gate, Whitewater Development Corp., Rose Law firm, Cattle-gate, Refco Financial Co, Clinton Legal Defense Fund, China-gate, Pardon-gate, Senate and 2008 presidential campaign finances, Clinton Foundation, Senate rules violations, etc.?

    Again, these are some of the measures that Hillary was intensely involved with. Hillary and Bill Clinton have taken millions of dollars from the drug companies that she has spent. So you know she is beholding to the same conglomerates after this election. They all are except for Donald trump.

    Have you have any idea who these people are that was involved Clinton Crime Family. These are some of the people Hillary had direct involvement with throughout her political career. Vince Foster (an attorney and who shot himself, because he knew to much) Jim B. McDougal (business partner of Clintons), James B. Blair (Future Trader), Marc Rich (who was pardoned by Clinton), Hugh Rodham Clinton (brother), Harry Thompson, Carlos A. Vignali, Almon Glenn Braswell, Jose Rivera (councilman), Peter F. Paul (Felon), Norman Hsu (fundraiser), Aaron Tonkin (fundraiser and felon), just to name a few.

    These are some of the people Hillary had direct involvement with throughout her political career. Whitewater scandal, that was the deceptive land scheme, architect by Hillary and key witness Jim McDougal (who also strangely died in prison), while Hillary was a partner of the Rose Law Firm – also the firm of Vince Foster and Webster Hubbell, who later moved to D.C.

  2. Travel-gate came next, To subsidize the l
    With the Clintons to plague the White House Counsel’s office with their “legal proficiency.” Hubbell was later on indicted, tried, and convicted for tax fraud. Foster turned up dead in Fort Marcy Park with a gunshot, as he was a material witness for then independent counsel Ken Starr’s Whitewater criminal investigation.

    iving standards of Harry and Susan Thomas’s, both Hollywood “darlings,” Hillary had the head of the White House Travel Office, Billy Dale, fired on falsified claims of tax irregularities and then put the Thomase’s in charge to personally harvest the proceeds of this government travel business. Dale, who was my client, was ultimately cleared, but not after his life was practically busted.

    It was also during this Filegate case that it was learned that President Clinton, on the advice of his top political adviser, James Carville, had illegally released Privacy Act protected information from White House files to smear Kathleen Willey, a woman who was a material witness in the impeachment proceedings, as she was also sexually harassed by the “the ‘arch pariah’ while working for him in Washington. This was the foundation of Judge Lamberth’s ruling that President Clinton had committed a criminal act.

    Not to be outdone by her prior scandals in Chinagate, Madam Hillary then masterminded a plan whereby the Clinton-Gore presidential campaign of 1996 took bribes from communist Chinese banks and their administration to bankroll the president’s and the Democratic Party’s re-election efforts when it appeared, due to her low election stance in the polls, that that desperate efforts were needed. It was the lawsuit that I brought against Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown, where at Hillary’s instruction, he literally sold seats on Department trade missions to China and elsewhere, which principally uncovered this. This outrage occurred in 1996 and early 1997, which was proliferated to such a level that joint congressional hearings were empanelled which was eventually to be closed, when Democrats exposed illegal fundraising by some Republicans. The two parties, faced with mutual evident destruction, simply vanished out of plane sight. However, it uncovered a lot about Bill and Hillary and their Chinese “friends,” this scandal ultimately took back seat to the Monica Lewinsky scandal, since the National press favored sex to foreign espionage and bribery.

    Hillary and Bill were sardonically saved by the Monica, who became a distraction drawing attention away to what at the time was perhaps the biggest scandal of China-gate and maybe still alive and well in the one sided, out of balance $600 Billion dollar deficit, with the US. The primary political issue for both Democrats and Republicans is who financial debt, waste in government spending, unaffordable health care, immigration, Syrian refugees, crime, poverty, education, foreign issues, etc.

    The greatest concern is not simply having political experience but having the best judgment and honesty to perform the responsibility of president. Although Bush was the most qualified in political experience, the reason his campaign failed was because the public does not want one family having the domination and dynasty for a president.

  3. The same argument exists for rejecting Hillary Clinton’s candidacy: our country frantically needs, wishes, and deserves to have someone else from a different family as our leader. This person should not be weighed down with any political baggage, like Cruz, Kasich, Clinton, or Sanders.

    We need a fresh approach, fresh face to govern running the country and will not tax and spend with massive giveaways as the Obama administration, which has even funded illegal immigration. Your presidential choice of Hillary Clinton ignores serious flaws in her integrity and trust that make her unqualified to be president such as lying to the families of our representatives killed in the Benghazi, Libya attack upon our consulate. That what I have heard from different sources is that Madam Hillary declined reinforcements and was asleep at during the occurence, which led to the slaughter of Ambassador Stevens and 4 bodyguards.

    Approving her personal advisor working at the State Department to work simultaneously for both the government involvement with foreign entities and other private company at the same time; her deceiving taxpayers, violating ethical behavior, and denying she was aware of it that documentation confirmed she approved of? Madam Clinton is now rest assured waiting for the outcome of violating her federal employment regulations by having an insecure email server in her home jeopardizing national security of classified email intelligence. Such performance indicates that she lacks good judgment to defend and National Security government astuteness would be a dangerous precedence?

    The lady accepting foreign government donations for her private Clinton Foundation while serving as Secretary of State for government associations with these same countries is very questionable which smells to me of backhanders or even federal contracts. This unethical behavior is a conflict of interest while performing her foreign relations responsibilities. The Misuse of Clintons government position to obtain $675,000 income for making 3 speeches to a major financial Wall Street company and at one time involved with Russian banking investment. She has declined to reveal the content and transcripts of these speeches to the public.

    Under FBI criminal investigation for potential prosecution of unlawful conduct during her government employment. Is this the standard of integrity and conduct you support for Clinton as our next president? Having Bill Clinton in the White House again, could be a huge legal responsibility even though his presidency was admirable. But he is delinquent in his morals after the Monica Lewinski began to haunt him. He lied when he said that “he didn’t sex with that women” and was eventually had his attorney license revoked. Jeffery Epstein’s, Bills close friend has had his sexual exploits documented since 2005, when a woman in Palm Beach contacted police saying that her 14-year-old daughter had been paid $300 to massage Epstein and then have sex.

    The claim provoked a nearly year-long investigation that led to the eventual charge of soliciting prostitution which came as part of a plea deal. He spent 13 months of an 18-month sentence in jail and remains a registered sex offender. Jeffrey Epstein’s Court records show that the convicted billionaire is now registered as a pedophile that solicited underage girls to powerful men had 21 contact phone numbers for Bill Clinton. Clinton, meanwhile, flew on multiple occasions in the same personal plane to Epstein’s private Caribbean island, Little St James, between 2002 and 2005. IT WAS REALLY ODD THAT HIS INCESSANT SECRET SERVICE AGENTS, WASN’T ALLOWED TO FOLLOW BILL TO THE ISLAND.? The Clintons think that these shady exploits have been long forgotten, but these illustrate a dark history of the Clintons. Trump can best lead our country and solve the enormous problems, of waste, corruption and in competency we see now from our public servants.

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