Smucker and doyle

March 9th, 2017 | Posted in | 1 Comment

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  1. Colleen Rosborough says:

    Please do not vote yes for the GOP proposed AHCA. I have worked as a RN for 40 years; it is my opinion that this Act will devastate many. I have a mother in need of her Medicare and a nephew who has required total care at home since birth due to cerebral palsy. I also worked for Planned Parenthood in Harrisburg, PA as an OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner. During my time there I did numerous gynecology exams to prevent cervical cancer, counseled teens and women regarding birth control, treated infections and never once had any client ask me for an abortion. I did work at Hershey Medical Center for 30 years in OB and cared for many patients that carried an abnormal fetus, which at times would result in maternal death without termination of the pregnancy.
    You see, when you face such issues/situations professionally and personally on a daily basis, you have relationships that calls you to serve. I graduated from Goshen College in Nursing and had friends with the same last name of Smucker; in fact my roommate married one, who also denounces the proposed GOP AHCA. And so, I ask you again to please vote NO.

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