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Perry Endorses Push to Impeach Rosenstein

The Impeachment Eleven?

Rep. Scott Perry (R-York) was one of 11 House Republicans, and the only one from PA, to introduce articles of impeachment against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Wednesday.

Rosenstein leads the Department of Justice in overseeing special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election and potential association to the Trump campaign.

Resolution sponsors cite the DOJ’s uncooperative posture supplying documents. Observers have long characterized impeachment threats as a means to thwart the probe.

“The Department of Justice continues to thwart and/or impede the oversight authority of the Congress,” Perry said in a press release. “We must ensure transparency, and stop unelected bureaucrats from avoiding accountability to the American People.”

George Scott, Perry’s opponent for the 10th district in November’s election, released a statement today speaking highly of Rosenstein and criticizing his opponents decision.

“Mr. Perry has chosen baseless conspiracy theories and radical partisanship over due process and the rule of law.”

“Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein is a professional and a man of integrity,” Scott said.

Republican Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, stated earlier today that he did not support the effort of these 11 House Representatives.

One of the eleven, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), announced his candidacy for House Speaker after Paul’s tenure is completed this session.

The 10th district went to Trump by slightly less than 10 points in 2016, versus the old configuration of Perry’s seat that went to Trump by over 20 points. It’s considered a reach seat that could flip in a Democratic wave year. Scott outraised Perry in Q2 fundraising, but the incumbent currently has more cash on hand.

15 Responses

  1. Perry hands George Scott a gift, and close enough that our collective attention span may actually remember it. As Wagner and Barletta are stupidly doing, Perry is making this race a referendum on the worst policies and positions of TheRump. It’s as if all three want to lose.

    Scott: be smart here. Capitalize on this and give Perry the referendum he so obviously seeks. You’ll flip this fairly solid R seat handily.

    1. StevenTodd – correct me, but during the primary, you couldn’t publicly said that you couldn’t decide between Alan Howe and Shavonnia Corbin-Johnson? With that tremendous short-sightedness that too many Democrats have – you clearly didn’t see the real opportunity to flip this seat and vote to nominate the only candidate that could do so.

      Neither Shavonnia or Alan (who is running for President in 2020 now, by the way, check his Facebook) (nor Eric Ding) could be in this position now to flip this seat. Only George had/has the resume to go up against Perry, match the district profile and have the ability to say he is a solid Democrat, but is not going to go overboard with all of the fringe groups that make it impossible to flip a seat in Central PA.

      Need to be strategic folks – can’t be all goofball hair on fire progressive here – Philly and the suburbs – go for it – but not in Central PA – Only George Scott can win this seat. Thank God there were enough smart voters out there to realize that you can’t beat Scott Perry with a whackadoodle liberal. That is just what he wanted and George Scott is Perry’s worst nightmare.

      Which part do you hate the most Rep. Perry? That George Scott has a better military record than you or that he’s a pastor?

      1. I did say that, and I ended up voting Howe. Had I had the foresight to see that Johnson would come within 2% of Scott, and that Howe would fare so poorly, I would have voted Johnson. Oh well, hindsight is always 20/20. So is the ability to anonymously poke fun at someone else’s past choices.

        I now look forward to the upcoming election, with sound advice for George Scott. He won’t beat Scott Perry by rolling over and playing GOP lite. 2016 hopefully taught Dems that they don’t win dogcatcher without an enthused left base. The milquetoast middle of both parties just wants a D or an R in the office. They will show up and vote for whomever gets that slot. There is no need to excite them to vote. We need our left base, and we won’t beat the insane right with centrist candidates. To their credit, the GOP seems further along than us in having figured that out. Just look at the hard right candidates who they run, as opposed to the do-nothing centrists we tend to run.

  2. Just because Perry is the only “Freedom Caucus” idiot to sign on from PA, that does NOT mean he is the only PA GOP nutcase who believes in this lunacy. I hear these stupid voters say such stuff daily. Mental illness is alive (but not well) in PA.

  3. Scott Perry: The poster child for a minimum IQ requirement for Members of Congress

  4. Looks like Gen. super trooper Perry is finally feeling the heat. After November he and Rep. Diabetus (Seth Grove) can sit around at Hoss’s ‘memberin’ the good ol day’s while swapping conspiracy theories. Perry’s greatest hits include- ISIS was behind the Vegas massacre, no one is dying in Puerto Rico and trees cause air pollution.

    Please central PA, we know you’re not capable of doing much, but please elect an extremely qualified, compassionate and responsible guy like George Scott.

  5. George Scott is the real deal folks – Y’all better start paying attention to this race – Cause it’s flippin’.

  6. Rosenstein is trying to uphold the Constitution. Perry is a blind sheep following Meadows and Jimbo “Sandusky” Jordan. Go George Scott

  7. Wow. What an @sshole.

    When you are in one of the 3 safest/most-red seats in the state, you can afford to abandon any semblance of having principles.

    1. Yeah sorry Dave. You are right most of the time with your tech analysis – but you got to take a look at your numbers. The redistricting messed with Perry big time – took away his most conservative areas in south York county and Adams county and replaced them with Charlie Dent Republicans (literally) who don’t like this crap.

      About half of the district is new to Perry – and if he running with lunatics like Wagner and Barletta – please. The Republicans have screwed themselves so bad with moderates that just want to make sure their taxes are low and their kids grow up without listening to too much rap music. Barletta, Wagner and Perry are too extreme.

      1. Good point about Wagner and Barletta. They are both weighing the Republican Party down to the point that massive numbers of key voters–women and independents–are swinging to the Dems in problematic numbers. Whatever Perry does or does not do is not the issue because Wagner and Barletta are turning voters off who may have given R’s a “look-see.”

      2. PollWatcher-

        I just took at look at the July 16th file numbers. The current count is about 202,000 “Active” Republicans which is the 4th highest (I missed a district when I said top 3).

        On further examination of the Dem count, and the ratio, the district is the 6th most Rep/Dem ratio.

        So, probably a safe seat, top 6 out of 18, when you look at party ratio.

        If the Dems actually win 13 seats to 5 GOP (complete reversal of current 13-5 GOP advantage), that would be a significant upset.

        It’s not the 9th most Republican as Onesies incorrectly claims.

        1. Mark it down Diano – it’s gonna flip. George Scott has a better chance of winning than Wallace, Wild, and DiNicola.

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