Peters Endorses Shapiro

josh-shapiroJohn Rafferty did not run unopposed in the GOP primary for Attorney General.

Prosecutor Joe Peters challenged Rafferty and garnered 36% of the vote in the primary. Peters, however, never closed ranks and backed Rafferty.

In fact, Peters is now formally endorsing Democratic nominee Josh Shapiro.

“It was an honor running for Attorney General and earning 464,491 votes in the primary from fellow Republicans who wanted a fearless, independent Attorney General who wasn’t afraid of taking on entrenched interests in Harrisburg and across our Commonwealth. I care deeply about this office, and after the primary, I took time to study both candidates. I believe Josh Shapiro will surround himself with the best advice from police and prosecutors, and place the safety of all Pennsylvanians as his top priority,” Peters stated. “I’ve seen it all – from being a beat cop in Scranton to serving as Pennsylvania’s top drug prosecutor and convicting the mob in Philadelphia – and I know our next Attorney General must be innovative, possess broad legal knowledge and have executive experience, which is why I’m voting for Josh Shapiro.”

“Josh has made tough, bipartisan calls as Chairman of Montgomery County and the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, and he’s done it ethically and by putting pragmatic results ahead of party,” Peters continued. “Josh thinks for himself, and has taken common-sense steps to address tough issues from drug use to our broken immigration system. I have served Presidents and Pennsylvania Attorneys General from both parties, and believe the Attorney General’s office shouldn’t be a partisan place. This endorsement isn’t to make a negative comment on Josh’s opponent, rather it’s about Josh’s leadership, integrity and how I agree with the substantive agenda Josh has laid out, from fighting terrorism to supporting our police and taking on the heroin epidemic.”

“Joe and I shared a stage many times this spring and I got to know and truly respect him for his independent mind and career of service protecting the people of our Commonwealth and our country,” Shapiro responded. “It’s an honor to have his support, especially at a time when our next Attorney General needs to be like Joe – independent and fearless in protecting the people of Pennsylvania. We need more independent thinkers like Joe Peters in politics today and I’m humbled Joe crossed party lines to support my campaign to put the safety of Pennsylvanians first.”

PoliticsPA reached out to the Rafferty campaign for comment.

“Joe Peters was former Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s spokesman so it’s not surprising that he is backing Josh Shapiro to continue the failed Kane legacy,” Campaign Manager Mike Barley said. “John Rafferty has put together a broad coalition, made up of Republicans, Democrats, law enforcement, business and labor, who support his candidacy for attorney general. We are confident John Rafferty will be successful in November.”

12 Responses

  1. It is truly amazing that the GOP will blow the golden opportunity to take back this office after the disaster that was Kathleen Kane, first Democrat elected AG. The Republicans put up the worst candidate they could find. Rafferty has as much charisma as drying paint. He has no organizational skills, has never been an executive, and brings nothing to the table in terms of money or voter base. Shapiro will wipe up the floor with Rafferty. It turns out Rafferty isn’t even a good guy either. This endorsement by Peters is in retaliation for the totally unnecessary negative campaign Rafferty ran in the primary (and, yes, Peters as usual needs a job). Does Shapiro know about practicing law or being a prosecutor? Of course not. But neither does Rafferty who never practiced law to any degree and was in the Medicaid Fraud section of the AGs Office in charge of one guy, himself. Shapiro can hire people who know the nuts and bolts of prosecuting and practicing law. As could Rafferty. What Rafferty is missing that Shapiro has is Shapiro took over a government in shambles from corruption in Montgomery County with 3,000 employees and turned it around. Did he have help? Sure. But he was able to get that help and use the talents of those around him to get the job done. He will have a similar challenge with the AG come January. But as usual in a statewide race, the Democrats go with an A-list candidate and the Republicans with a D-list candidate. It is no wonder why come January, there will be ZERO statewide Republican non-judicial elected officials. The GOP has crashed and burned under its current leadership model. If you want a repeat of Kane, a person with no experience supervising people, much less a big organization, then Rafferty is your man. If you want a proven administrator with a track record of success turing around a corrupt administration, then Shapiro is the choice.

  2. Josh has only made politically expedient calls, always. He is one of the most partisan politicians – ever.

  3. I’m guessing of it’s okay with a cross party endorsement going on in the Attorney General’s race in 2016 in Pennsylvania.

  4. Your mother called it to my attention while she was down on her knees doing someone else, so I thought it must be important news.

  5. “Josh has made tough, bipartisan calls as Chairman of . . . the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency.”

    Tough calls? I challenge anyone to find a vote of the PCCD where the vote was not unanimous. Also, Shapiro doesn’t vote on anything as chairman. PCCD is a horse and pony show of political insiders.

    All of the minutes are available here if you don’t believe me:

  6. My cousin Stevie Zappala, junior junior ain’t endorsing nobody cause we’re too busy punishing Johnny Doc with our friends at the Feds. That Irish !$@&/)?-&;$?@! Is gonna learn not to double dip on us.

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