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Peters Makes Case Voters Support Him

PetersRepublican Joe Peters is making the case that he’ll be the best nominee for the party in this year’s Attorney General race.

His campaign’s consulting firm Eagle Consulting Group conducted a poll that tested Peters against his primary opponent State Sen. John Rafferty.

They found that by Rafferty leads Peters by a 16% to 10% margin, with a massive 74% undecided.

Then both candidates’ messages were tested without including their names.

“Candidate A for attorney general started his career as a cop, spent 17 years in the attorney general’s office and became the state’s top drug prosecutor, served as a federal mafia prosecutor who put away Philly Mob boss Little Nicky Scarfo, and served two presidents in top positions in the White House Drug Czar’s office. Candidate B has served in the state Senate for 13 years and chairs the Transportation Committee, worked for three years in the attorney general’s office and operates a private law practice. Are you more likely to support candidate A or candidate B?”

Candidate A, Peters, got 62% while Candidate B, Rafferty, received 11%. 27% were undecided.

“The Republican primary for Attorney General is wide open but voters overwhelmingly say they prefer a career prosecutor like me rather than a career politician like Sen. Rafferty,” Peters said. “I am the most qualified and experienced person in this race as I am the only candidate — of either party — who has local, state, national and international law enforcement experience.”

The IVR poll was conducted on March 9th and surveyed 230 likely Republican voters. The margin of error is +/- 5.55%.

PoliticsPA reached out to the Rafferty campaign and spokesman Mike Barley sent the following statement: “I guess it’s not surprising that Kathleen Kane’s former press secretary Joe Peters is spinning bogus poll numbers to the press.”

11 Responses

  1. Senator John Rafferty is doing a great job as senator. Perhaps he needs to stay there and help fight the Gov. ? Joe is much better equipped for the AG job. Elect Joe Peters

  2. The poll isn’t biased. They are the facts. Peters has a much better background than Rafferty. The party owes it to Rafferty because he took a back seat last time in 2012 to give the nomination to Dave Freed. Peters has first ballot position and a good record – he has a shot.

  3. I disagree. Rafferty is the chosen candidate of my party – he has been annointed and no one should question it. But he only has 16%? I like Joe and Rafferty – but I got to go with Joe. He has more experience and will be a better candidate in the Fall against Zappala – although I really hope the Dems nominate Shapiro. We can’t wait to run again him – zero experience in the courtroom and has a spotty ethics record as a Commissioner from what I am hearing.

  4. So how is this news? Joe Peter’s campaign released a push poll hitting his opponent and the poll still has him losing the race. Impressive stuff.

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