Philadelphia City Council Passes Soda Tax

Philly-City-Hall1Philadelphia City Council approved a 1.5 cent per-ounce tax on sugary and diet beverages today, making Philadelphia the first major American city with a beverage tax.

The vote was 13-4.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney was a major proponent of the tax, telling City Council that it would bring in an estimated $90 million in new tax revenues next year to be used for pre-k education, community schools and recreation centers.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney released the following statement on the passage of the tax:

“Thanks to the tireless advocacy of educators, parents, rec center volunteers and so many others, Philadelphia made a historic investment in our neighborhoods and in our education system today. I commend City Council for working with these community leaders to make quality, affordable pre-K, community schools and systemic improvements to parks, rec centers and libraries a reality. I also thank my colleagues in Council for working with our administration to craft a shared agenda that will improve the education, health and prosperity of children and families all across our city for years to come. Today would not have been possible without everyone coming together in support of a fair future for every zipcode.”

During the meeting, Chris Hunter, a proponent against the tax and employee of Coca-Cola stated, “if this tax is passed, Philadelphia would create the worst black market for non-alcoholic beverages since prohibition, which was back in the 1920s and 30s. Let’s not go back in history.”

Dr. Ken Margulies, who served as President of the Board of the American Heart Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania was in attendance, thanking Philadelphia.

“As Philadelphia has done time and again, you are acting boldly to deal with very real concerns and needs of Philadelphians and our country as a whole. Thank you on behalf of the American Heart Association, the Philadelphia medical community, and the broader medical establishment,” Dr. Marguiles said.

15 Responses

  1. It is insane taxes like the sugary drink tax that makes me really embarrassed to admit that I live in the city of Philadelphia. I wonder what our city government will come up next to separate the our residents from their money.

  2. Better yet, How about a new tax on gasoline @ 1.5 cents an ounce? Be like hitting the Megamillions every week! Tax, baby Tax! Democrats, ugh!~

  3. Hey Demos! Why not tax milk, juice, baby formula? In fact tax ALL beverages at 1.5 cent an ounce! Aoon you’ll have so much money, it will be like hitting the Powerball jackpot every month! The money flooding in will solve all the fiscal problems of the state like that! Tax ’em all losers!

  4. Chris Hunter will be the first guy arrested for leading a smuggling ring for Coca-Cola loosies

  5. “During the meeting, Chris Hunter, a proponent against the tax and employee of Coca-Cola…”

    A “proponent against the tax?” Uh, that would be an “opponent of the tax.” The Delco Daily Times is better written than this article.

  6. “$90 million in new tax revenues next year to be used for pre-k education, community schools and recreation centers.”

    Still pimping that sales pitch, PoliticsPA?

  7. Jimmy – this is internalizing a market externality, helping to capture a public cost, like taxing cigarettes. There is a burden on the economy and the public purse from people choosing unhealthy activities. Before you jump on the slippery slope fallacy, I’ll point out that that’s why we have representative bodies that can debate what is and is not appropriate to address. There’s a strong economic argument to be made in favor of a tax on sugary beverages, which are inherently unhealthy even in moderation, as the government is the only entity capable of correcting such a market failure. This is something that the private sector literally cannot do.

  8. Too bad people using SNAP won’t have to pay! How very DEMOCRAT of them to pass a 1.5 cent an OUNCE tax on soda! This means the tax and spend liberals in Philly just jacked up the cost of a 2liter bottle of soda [67.628 ounces] by $1.01 a bottle! How nice of them to screw the public like this!!! Very Democrat of them! Way to go losers! And you libs approve of this unwarranted tax on an everyday product so the cesspool of Philly has a new income stream that they can spend like drunks? RIDICULOUS!

  9. A people that require the government to protect them from themselves, has bigger problems than sugar in their soda. This is lunacy.

  10. That’s funny. Likely will see cops waiting across the bridge from Jersey looking for cars sagging in the back from load of untaxed soda in the trunk. Chris Hunter is delusional.

  11. Coke guy’s quote is laughable. They’re grasping at straws, or to quote Trump, “grabbing at straw.”

  12. A “black market” for soda?? Like…gangsters selling Mountain Dew out of the back of their vans??

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