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Philly-Area Tea Party Backs Smith

One of Pa.’s largest conservative organizations has endorsed Tom Smith for U.S. Senate. The PAC of the Independence Hall Tea Party threw its support behind the former coal company owner from Armstrong County.

Smith was also the leader of the Indiana-Armstrong Tea Party Patriots from 2009 to 2011.

“Tom Smith appears to be the one candidate who can unite the various factions in the Republican Party while still appealing to Reagan Democrats and Independents,” said PAC President Don Adams in a press release.

“I’m honored to have the support of this grassroots conservative organization,” said Smith. “I share their concern for the future of this country and look forward to working with them to retire Senator Casey and get our nation back on track.”

Unlike some Tea Parties, which prefer open primaries, the IHTP has been active in 2012 races so far. The group also endorsed Mitt Romney for President.

Regarding the Senate race, it’s little surprise that the group wouldn’t back Steve Welch, an entrepreneur from Chester County. Welch briefly pursued a bid for Congress against their favorite lawmaker: Pa. Rep. Curt Schroder. Both ultimately deferred when incumbent Rep. Jim Gerlach decided to seek re-election.

More noteworthy is the organization’s decision not to support former state Rep. Sam Rohrer of Berks County. Rohrer is popular among their members and their movement.

Likely, it came down to money. At $5 million, Smith’s war chest is about 20 times that of Rohrer – something that isn’t lost on a group based in the expensive Philadelphia media market.

Smith also recently picked up the endorsement of three state Reps: Marcia Hahn (R-Northampton), Kurt Masser (R-Northumberland), and Dave Millard (R-Columbia).

“Tom Smith is a conservative we can trust, and in the Senate he’ll stand up to the big spenders and reduce the massive debt,” said Millard.  “Tom Smith is the right man to lead our Republican ticket in November.”

7 Responses

  1. PA Slammer. Correct. All the other candidates have been saying in the debates have been. ‘well we believe exactly what Sam believes’. Have any of the other candidates cast ONE VOTE, other than for Democrats in the polling places, that prove what they believe. We heard this same load of manure from Scott Brown in Massachusetts. What a disappointment he has been to the TEA Party and otherwise.

  2. Terry Ray? Do you feel that tingling going up your leg? Bet that thrill will be short lived.

  3. Sorry Kare. You are backing a deceptiCON with no voting record who will say anything to get elected. Talk is cheap. Sam Rohrer is the ONLY PROVEN conservative in the field of play. Other than voting for Democrats for 19 years, what evidence other than cheap talk do you have to back up your claim? Haven’t we had enough of millionaires buying Senate seats?

  4. Wait until you hear him debate – pathetic. This guy has no idea how to solve any of the issues. Just saying we need change is not enough.
    He has no idea of where to start. The bottom line is he is another DEMOCRAT turned Republican. If we vote him in then we have 2 Democrats running for U. S. Senate. WOW!

  5. Mr. Smith is the true conservative in this race? Really. Sorry, i’ve got an issue with a guy who switches parties and is a democratic committee man and then switches to be a republican. There’s something weird about this guy. Sorry to everyone who loves him. I haven’t decided whom i’m supporting but I really don’t trust this guy.

  6. Tom Smith’s story is truly life imitating art. Jimmy Stewart is from Indiana, PA and starred in the political classic, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” the story of an average working guy from a small town elected to Congress. Tom Smith is a former coal miner from Indiana PA. and his supporters are working hard to see that, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” What a story.

  7. Nice endorsement!! Mr. Smith is the true conservative in this race. He is incredibly genuine and his life story and values truly epitomizes the America Dream! He will work to preserve this for all given the opportunity.

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