Philly Controller $$ Reports

Brett Mandel
Brett Mandel

The candidates for Philadelphia City Controller have filed their campaign finance reports. Here are the numbers. The race is the only game in town for 2013 campaigns in Philly.

Hat tip to Dan Fee at the Echo Group, who compiled them from the reports.

Incumbent Alan Butkovitz:
Carried over: $112,750.30
Raised: $77,600.00
Expenditures: $43,669.07
COH: $146,681.23

Note: It’s not an apples-to-apples comparison. Butkovitz split his year end report apart from a few others that were due near the end of 2012; the other candidates combined them. His total fundraising for 2012 is $130K and he spent $69K.

Brett Mandel:
Carried over: $46,396.27
Raised: $177,288.47
Expenditures: $17,600.18
COH: $206,084.56

Mandel loaned his campaign $50,000, which is included in the raised and COH categories.

Michael Williams:
Raised: $33,785.00
Expenditures: $5,037.50
COH: $28,747.50

Mark Zecca:
Raised: $17,250.00
Spent: $3,246.35
COH: $14,003.65

Zecca loaned himself $11,000.

Butkovitz and his chief challenger Mandel had a bit of a war of words over the fundraising reports, as WHYY NewsWorks’ Dave Davies reported:

“Brett obviously manipulated the fundraising for the report,” Butkovitz said. “He put $50,000 in on the last day, which he probably got back the day after.”

Wrong, Mandell says.

“I need to show Philadelphia I’m serious about this, and I am,” Mandel said. “If he wants to make a wager about where that money will be, I’m happy to take the bet.”

Butkovitz also said Mandel’s report shows he’s gotten “in bed with this union-busting movement,” pointing to six contributions totalling nearly $20,000 associated with Post Brothers, the developer involved in a bitter dispute with construction unions over the renovation of the former Goldtex factory at 12th and Wood Sts. in Philadelphia.

“I think this is going to be a flashpoint,” Butkovitz said. “We’ve gotten substantial union support, and they’re jumping off the ceiling about this.”

“Butkovitz is jealous,” Mandel said. “I have hundreds of supporters from all across the city. I have supporters who are union members and union supporters, people from every social strata who want to see more accountability and openness in government.”

3 Responses

  1. Let’s be honest, Zecca is only running so he can be a contender in the 2016 Presidential Race. What an opportunist.

  2. It’s safe to say that Brett is the only logical choice for controller; he actually did Butkovitz’s job for him with his “Bulldog Budget”, just imagine what he could do in office.

    Butkovitz, on the other hand, is incompetent. He just sits in his office twiddling his thumbs and only does his job when stuff gets out of hand. The only people who seem to support him are those who need the ward leaders to think for them, which, unfortunately, is a very sizable bloc in Philly (but not something that can be overcome).

    As for Michael, he’s a nice guy, but there are questions about him. And Zecca I’ve never even heard of.

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