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Philly Councilwomen Denounce Fina over Offensive Emails

frank finaAll five of Philadelphia’s City Councilwomen banded together this morning to call out District Attorney Seth Williams and urge him to fire three of his prosecutors.

Those men (Frank Fina, Marc Costanzo and Pat Blessington), were part of the infamous pornographic email chains.

Williams decided to keep all three men on after the emails were released and gave them “sensitivity training” instead.

So today, the five Councilwomen (Cindy Bass, Jannie Blackwell, Marian Tasco, Maria Quinones Sanchez, Blondell Reynolds Brown) joined with the Philadelphia chapter of NOW to call for their termination.

“Subtle, hostile attitudes toward women are not acceptable,” Councilwoman Maria Quinones Sanchez said at this morning’s City Hall press conference. “Just because it’s in an email does not allow people to get away with thinking it’s OK.”

“No matter what people may feel about Attorney General Kathleen Kane, the fact is if she had not uncovered this info and made it public this would have been swept under the rug and we would have known nothing about it,” Councilwoman Bass added.

22 Responses

  1. Updated poll numbers:

    Do You Support the Senate Inquiry into Kathleen Kane?

    Yes – 45%
    No – 55%

  2. Philly politicians are politicians first and foremost. Porn hurts marriages and children and women, but both Cindy Bass and Jannie Blackwell have had a chance to stand against this kind of harm toward women in the past. Cindy Bass supported hate criesm that led to public announcmnets of rape toward me in her effort to cover up construction crimes in MT AIRY. Jannie Blackwell “Blackwell was a member of the Philadelphia Housing Authority board. In 2010, Blackwell was the lone member of the PHA board to vote against terminating the contract of PHA Executive Director Carl R. Greene for his alleged sexual harassment of four female subordinates.” Philly politicians are Philly politicians- male or female and they will hurt you to the death and destroy lives if it appears to be a political plus. Then they will turn aorund as if they hadn’t when there is a politically plus. All these Council Woman and the rest of city council allowed , supported and encouraged all manne rof crimes aginst me to hide the felonies and crimes on their politically favored construction site in MT AIRY. Put me in hospital from these crimes and their deliberate abuses multiple time and cause life long injuries. Derek Green- the new Counsel at large and Jim Kenny and Seth Willaims ahve been directly involbved int heir mobbing , retaliation , bullycide crimes aginst me for years in order to cover up their crimes and failures.

  3. Has Eakin resigned yet?

    Has a grand jury been set up to investigate leaks from Kane probe?

    Is Frank Fina still collecting a pay-check from the citizens of Philadelphia?

  4. It’s about time someone woke up and started bringing this into the light. Milton Street may be a heel – but he can sense the injustice here. There are too sets of rules: one set for people like Eakin and Fina (where things get swept under the rug or corruptly resolved) and another set of rules for the rest of us.

    I’ll bet those sting defendants who made deals wish they could take them back. Even though they received no punishment and got to keep their pensions, they would have beaten the case

    No case handled by Fina and his crew will ever be successful again. The Penn State administrators he targeted must be laughing. In that case, he violated rules of ethics and went on TV to discuss his opinion on the strength of the cade and by allowing a witness to appear before the grand jury unrepresented by a lawyer. Not to mention the many leaks – which seem to be an M.O. on Fina matters.

  5. FYI, Milton Street was walking around the 4th floor of City Hall yesterday during Council, handing out samples of the emails to council members. It was pretty shocking for those who had not seen them already. They were specifically ones that Fina had shared.

  6. I applaud Nick Field for calling the e-mails what they are – “offensive e-mails” rather than “porn e-mails.”

    Calling them “porn e-mails” plays right into the narrarative of Eakin (Republican) and the Racist Creeps – who have been setting up their defense since Kane found the 20M emails that Corbett and Ryan (both Republicans) tried to destroy. Step 1 of that defense was to attack Kane. It is a tactic used by all criminals who have power/money.

    The fraud of an “investigation” (led by a Republican lawyer appointed by a Republican Judge) into Kane allowed them to leak tons of material that Kane could not respond to. The “investigation” was authorized by Eakin’s buddy – Castille (Republican) who wants Kane’s job.

    The charges that flowed from that “investigation” allowed them to go to the Bill Lamb (Republican) – led Disciplinary Board and get a temporary suspension.

    The Senate (Republican majority) took the temporary suspension and is pretending that is akin to senility to take advantage of an obscure provision drafted in the 1800s to remove low-level officials who have become senile.

    Can’t make this stuff up.

  7. I applaud the Philly councilwomen (councilpersons??) who have called out Seth Williams and the Frank Fina trio. When do the legislative “leaders” of PA grow a pair and denounce Castille, Fina Graci, etc etc etc?

  8. When is the rest of PA going to wake up to the disgrace that is the PA judiciary?

    Where are the Judicial Affairs Committees (or whatever exactly they call them) in the PA General Assembly that should be holding public hearings to investigate how Robert Graci covered up the Eakin misconduct (and other judges who deprive due process to litigants and abuse their power in unethical ways), but still has his job?

  9. In case anyone wants to know what REALLY HAPPENED on Monday in the Kane Senate “hearing” —

    The Seanate’s “kangaroo court” won’t work to remove Kane. Kane has already exposed that the Courts are dirty (from Feudale’s criminal behavior to Eakin’s corrupt cover-up). The poll numbers are now going the other way. It seems that the Public has finally figured out what these guys have been up to.

    The people behind the scandal continue collecting taxpayer dollars. They continue their pursuit of Kane. Good thing Philly’s City Council and NOW are brave enough to step up. Who’s next? Where is the NAACP?

  10. This one is great (from the other Fina article):

    Verde says:

    November 12, 2015 at 3:12 pm

    Best defense is a good offense, right Frank? This is the same frank fina who arrested and threatened to prosecute a state secretary because she sent her sons tuition to penn state on a state computer. He actually went to court, argued that this was a misuse of government resources and a crime, then walked across the street, flipped on his office computer and rubbed one out to some good old fashion porn. The hypocrisy is dripping.

  11. As a female, I am disturbed by the contents of these e-mails. As a citizen of Pennsylvania, I am disgusted at this whole affair.

    Kane – She’s a disaster. No excuse for leaking confidential information.

    Fina – A total creep. Those e-mails are disgusting. He is a true misogynist. The e-mails about a woman’s place being in the home is an absolute disgrace. The racism beyond the pale. And if he or his cronies were responsible for the leaks of material during the Kane probe, then he needs to be IN PRISON. What an embarrassment. The probe is about alleged leaks; and yet the people investigating illegally leak stuff.

    Eakin, Castille and Graci – “Corruption at it’s Finest”

  12. Seth Williams is looking more and more like a creep! Williams is part of the problem and who knows how much more…..

  13. Why isn’t the disciplinary board looking into Fina, Blessington and Costanza? OH, I’m sorry, that question answers itself. Never mind.

  14. Do they appreciate sexists in Ferguson? Men who think a woman’s place is at home (ironing and f-clkng)? Do they hire people who enjoy sexual images of children? Are they into bestiality there? If so – Frank Fina is their guy.

  15. Maybe he could get hired someplace like Ferguson, where his “skills” and definition of “bravery” would be highly sought.

  16. If he’s such a great litigator, he should have no problem finding a higher-paying private sector job, right? Wrong. He cheats and bullies and uses the power of his office to intimidate his way to “Wins” – which is all he cares about. That won’t fly in the real world.

  17. All three need to go, along with Justice Eakin. The hell they have put the Attorney General through, for the same reason that when checked, I am sure some of the Grand Jury leaks came from these three men. Let each one of them feel the shame, humiliation and pain that Kathleen Kane has gone through. Thank you Attorney General Kane for brining the emails to light, without you we would have never known.

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