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Philly DA Challenges Wolf’s Death Penalty Moratorium

Seth WilliamsGovernor Tom Wolf is dealing with some friendly fire.

According to the Associated Press, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams has objected to Gov. Wolf’s death penalty moratorium, labeling the act illegal and unconstitutional.

Williams filed a lawsuit against the moratorium today, five days after Wolf said he would issue reprieves for inmates currently scheduled to be executed.

The case of Terrance Williams was raised in Seth Williams’s filing. Terrance Williams was issued a death sentence after he committed a robbery and fatally beat another man with a tire-iron. His execution was scheduled for March 4.

However, it should be noted that the death penalty is already seldomly used in Pennsylvania. The last execution took place in 1999.

14 Responses

  1. You liberals make me sick. biggest hypocrites on the planet. Yeah let’s protect the filthy scum murderers that take innocent lives it’s not ok to put them to death but it’s great to execute an unborn child. Makes a lot of sense And Peggy you should go over toDave Dianos house I bet he has some great man on man porn you liberals love

  2. The more I watch him, the more I hear him, the more impressed I am with Seth. Well done, this “moratorium” has no purpose other than to be a political sop to the “progressives” in the Commonwealth.

  3. How predictable. Lyn Abraham and Ed Rendell would have barked the same tune. DAs probably consult a handbook that tells them where to publicly stand on an issue such as this. Hey, Seth, get a backbone! Sad to say: we haven’t had a good DA in this town in my lifetime.

  4. This is a moratorium and not a ban!

    It is time to look into the reality of these laws. The costs of appeals under the present system is onerous in times of extreme problems with funding education and other matters.

    Until we can find a better way it is best to hold back on death penalties that are only ways for lawyers to make money on appeals.

  5. So when did it become proper for PA Supreme Court candidates to superimpose their campaign ads over news articles?

  6. Since when are PA Supreme Court candidates permitted to superimpose their campaign ads over news articles?

  7. Peggy, every DA in the Commonwealth is loudly saying the same thing about Wolf’s moratorium. Why would Frank Fina be special here?

  8. Peggy-

    So, the question is: Where is Frank Fina’s “arm and hand”, as we can’t see Seth below the waist line in the photo. 🙂

  9. “However, it should be noted that Williams is a complete a-hole, who employs a misogynistic pervert in his office.”

    There. Fixed that for ya.

  10. Is DA Seth Williams going to make Gov Wolf an “offer he can’t refuse” to get him to sign a death warrant? I don’t think so!

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