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Philly DA Received $160,000 In Previously Undisclosed Gifts

Seth-WilliamsPhiladelphia District Attorney Seth Williams is hoping that late is better than never.

According to Chris Brennan of the Inquirer, the DA had neglected to include $160,050 in gifts from 2010 to 2015.

The gifts ranged from simple cash totaling as much as $10,000, to $20,800 in airfare and hotels, to sideline passes for the Philadelphia Eagles (Williams received passes for the last 5 seasons).

None of these gifts were reported on annual statements from Williams meant to disclose financial interests. These gifts came on top of an annual salary of $175,572 that Williams receives.

His attorney, Samuel C. Stretton, called the failure to report the gifts, “a terrible mistake.” Since some of the gifts came from close friends, Williams believed he did not have to report them according to Stretton.  

“There’s no good answer,” Stretton explained as to why Williams did not report the gifts. “The true answer is he should have reported it. He failed to do so. And he accepts responsibility.”

There is no word yet on whether Williams will be charged with violating ethics rules. Penalties would be most harsh coming from the city itself which can fine officials $1,000 for each infraction.

All of this comes amid the on-going federal probe of to see if Williams used campaign funds for personal use.

9 Responses

  1. Now that Kane is gone, Bruce Castor can investigate and maybe indict Seth Williams. Didn’t Williams prosecute several state representatives for taking far less in gifts and not reporting? Or is it not a crime for him to do it?

  2. Why should any government official be allowed to accept gifts? It is especially appalling when it is someone who is supposed to investigate and prosecute criminal activity. Public corruption is rampant at every level

  3. Man, I need friends like Seth has! And what does $10,000 get me, a get out of jail free card from Seth’s Monopoly set?

  4. HaHaHa: PPA’s Baghdad Bob-

    I’m all for going after Seth on this after the took on that bogus sting case.

  5. David Diano: “That shouldn’t even be a crime. Not for Democrats, anyway.”

    gulag Pittsburgh: “When I’m not begging for money online, I like to slam Zappala. Does this have anything to do with Zappala?”

    HaHaHa: “Repervlicans. Clown Car. Retards. Fina. Corbett Pervs.”

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