Philly FOP Endorses Shapiro for AG

Josh ShapiroDemocratic AG candidate Josh Shapiro picked up another valuable endorsement – this time from the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police – as he tries to turn his party-favorite status into a primary victory.

President of the Philadelphia FOP John McNesby said Shapiro has the “integrity, leadership and vision to protect all Pennsylvanians” and called the former State Representative “the partner we in law enforcement need as our next Attorney General.”

“Our officers on the street know that public safety is a broad challenge,” McNesby said. “Josh will use all of the power of the Office of the Attorney General to keep Pennsylvanians safe, from cracking down on drug traffickers and illegal gun sales to stopping the scam artists targeting Pennsylvania’s seniors.”

Shapiro has a huge cash advantage over Allegheny County DA Stephen Zappala and Northampton County DA John Morganelli, and his endorsement list continues to grow – with support from Governors Tom Wolf and Ed Rendell, as well as former opponent-for-a-week Jack Stollsteimer and the PSEA.

With beleaguered AG Kathleen Kane now out of the race, the door is wide open for Shapiro, Zappala and Morganelli in the April 26th Democratic primary. The nominee will face the winner of the GOP contest between State Sen. John Rafferty and former Kane press secretary Joe Peters in November.

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  1. The Grand Ol Party is already losing — just about everywhere.

    The Good ol boys in the Grand Ol Party are like dial-up phones. A thing of the past. It’s taking longer on PA – but it’s coming. The truth, that is. Just look at the Superior Court’s findings in the Penn State case. They threw out most of the trumped-up charges against the Penn State 3 and ruled that Frank Fina’s conduct was “highly improper.” A complaint with the Disciplinary Board has already been filed.

    And look at Eakin. He thought he could slither into court with his back-room deal in hand and slither right back out. Didn’t work.

    Not to mention the Corbett Pervs who got bounced when Hate-Gate Scandal first broke. All Good ol boys from the Grand ol Party.

    GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hillary can’t wait to face you in the General.

  2. THE good old boys network, WILL NEVER LOSE. TRUST ME. THIS stuff is way over your heads.

  3. Some interesting questions/issues for Frank Fina:

    If Chief Deputy Attorney General Frank Fina thought that incoming Attorney General Kathleen Kane wouldn’t prosecute the long-dormant “sting” investigation he supervised, why’d he strike a deal with confidential informant Tyron B. Ali after she was elected?

    Fina didn’t think Kane would prosecute, even before she ever learned of the existence of the investigation. Otherwise, why would he turn over files to an FBI agent at the very moment Kane was being sworn in?

    Fina did this, he says, because he was “concerned about a conflict of interest.” Fina’s previous boss, Linda Kelly – who actually knew about it – had declined to pursue the case.

    Fina didn’t believe Kane would prosecute — before she took office. Yet he signed an extraordinary agreement with confidential informant Tyron B. Ali – dismissing all 2,000+ charges of fraud – on November 30, 2012. That’s 24 days after Kane, whom he believed would not prosecute, was elected. Oh – and Fina, in that same deal, also let Mr. Ali keep the over $400,000.00 he stole from PA taxpayers

    An extraordinary deal indeed. Bruce Beemer (who testified against Kane) called it “unjust.” Dismissal of more than 2,000 charges of fraud. In exchange for testimony in a case that Fina believed would not be pursued. In a case his previous boss (not Kane) had declined to pursue.

    It’s looking more and more as though the case was, as editorial boards have speculated, “a ‘welcome present’ designed to blow up in her face.”

    And now we know that Frank Fina and Ali have THE SAME LAWYER. His name is Bob Levant.

    Fina and Levant are suing Kane and the AG’s Office for more taxpayer $$$.

    And Seth Williams just gave Bob Levant’s wife a cushy government job where she gets to say bad things in the Press about Kane and the AG’s Office and hag up on reporters asking why the Johnny Doc mob attack case was being swept under the rug.

    Seth Williams got into bed with the WRONG PEOPLE. Literally and figuratively. LOL.

  4. It is clear that Johnny Doc had a motive to keep the Hate-gate e-mails a secret. After all – his brother, who was running for Supreme Court, was on the e-mail chains. If it is true that the reporter that printed the “leaked” story is tight with Doc (and that he drinks for free at Doc’s bar), then it really supports Kane’s assertion that she was framed — that she talked about doing something, decided against it, and then got framed by “insiders” who leaked the documents to make it look like she did so.

    A. King and J. Morrow are not to be trusted. Morrow has already told multiple versions of what allegedly happened. And Morrow probably knew he was being recorded when he said what he said on that tapped phone. That’s why the rest of the convos are innocuous garbage. If this was a set-up designed to silence Kane, there are gonna be some powerful people going down. Wonder who will be the first to turn state’s evidence. The race is probably on. Feds have already taken on the Johnny Doc mob attack/aggravated assault investigation.

  5. Zappala’s Protection of killing kids, beating blacks, and accepting Cash for Kids money. Buying and bulling his way around the state.

    Just like at state Committee he won’t win. People know the truth at the voting polls, can’t bully and strong-arm the voters there.

  6. Philly cops for Shapiro. Philly fire for Zappala. What happens when the Bazzano-Zappala-Porter mafia burns out the Rittenhouse substation and steals all the cop donuts? Nothing…so long as Johnny Doc gets a taste.

  7. Kind of a meaningless endorsementfor Democratic Primary since most Philly Cops are Republicans anyway… But then some say Shapiro is one who has made a secret pact with Asher anyway…also, can’t help but think this is McNesby lashing out against Brady and Stack again because they did not back him to succeed Stack in State Senate… I don’t think this endorsement moves the needle to overcome Josh’s anemic showing at Democratic State Committee nor does it overcome the Rendell stink from his campaign.

  8. David Diano daughter has a lot at stake in race. If Josh wins, David daughter wins.

  9. Zappala did not know the cop that shot Leon Ford. But that didn’t stop him from trying to bury a report that was critical of the cop.

    Zappala arrested the kid as he woke up from life-saving surgery. The investigation could not have been even close to being complete. And then he buried evidence that the kid needed to defend himself against the false charges.

    Zappala lost the criminal case in Court (well – his henchman did). Now the kid is in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. All because the cops mistook him for someone else and refused to believe him that he was the person on his driver’s license, registration, and insurance papers.

    If there was a real investigation into the actions of the cops by Zappala, it has not surfaced. What did he do? Did he just believe the cop and give him his gun back? Did he even srtuinize the cop’s story against the dash-cam video?

    BTW – there was no audio recorded with the video because the cops left their microphones in the car so no one could hear them messing with the kid. Those are the cops Zappala covered for.

  10. gulagPittsburgh-

    I think all the candidates should make it a key pledge in their campaigns.

    (that may cost them FOP support)

    But, in Zappala’s case (taking your assertion for the sake of argument), I think the problem with the local DAs is their relationship with the local cops. I think a Philly DA would be more likely to do a fair job with a Pittsburgh cop case moved into their jurisdiction than a local cop under identical circumstances. And, Zappala would be better investigating a Philly cop.

  11. Considering his record on shootings by cops (and other violent crimes by cops), do you think Zapalla would be an improvement over local DA’s when it comes to holding police accountable?

  12. Will the AG office push to handle all shootings of unarmed suspects/victims by police, and take it out of the hands of local DAs?

    The public does not trust local “investigations” after the exposure in the news of a consistent pattern across the country of DAs giving the cops a pass.

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