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Philly FOP Endorses Trump

mcnesbyThe Philly chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) is supporting Donald Trump for President.

According to Mark Dent of BillyPenn, union President John McNesby confirmed that their chapter is included in the national endorsement that the FOP gave to Trump.

“Mr. Trump has seriously looked at the issues facing law enforcement today. He understands and supports our priorities and our members believe he will make America safe again,” said FOP national President Chuck Canterbury. “He’s made a real commitment to America’s law enforcement and we’re proud to make a commitment to him and his campaign by endorsing his candidacy today.”
As Dent notes, the FOP hasn’t endorsed the Democratic nominee for President since 1996. The Philadelphia chapter did, however, formally back the Dems AG nominee Josh Shapiro.

McNesby was critical of both Clinton and the Black Lives Matter movement in the days leading up to the Democratic National Convention.

20 Responses

  1. Diano, Just saw a study that compared unemployed list sellers to the mob. Amazing.
    1st of the month coming hope your relief check arrives on time.

  2. Diano. There you go again and how many times have you been challenged on the facts like the post about shooting unarmed blacks and when confronted for proof you referenced a old newspaper articles in which the reporter watched police officers at their firearms qualifications shooting targets which he thought looked like black men. What you failed to disclose was the targets were not black men but we’re actually white with beard stubble. Show us your proof that cops that cops are arresting black kids with a joint. Most cities including Philadelphia have decriminalized small amounts of marijuana.

    In this latest shooting police have recovered a gun next to the body this was recorded and preserved by the District Attorney as part of their investigation.

    As far as Hillary is concerned where is this paper you alledge she wrote about Alinsky?

    Where’s the proof of Trump with associations with mobsters? Wow, you must be on the inside because no where did I ever read Trump paid off a doctor to get a deferment. Would think if it was true we would be hearing Hillary stating it rather than you.

    You are a a** seeking attention from others as no one here respects you a bit

  3. By the way Diano.I’m no felon.In fact, I’ve never been arrested. Unlike Crooked Hillary who has committed numerous felonies and is a traitor to America and should be indicted. I’ll just be happy when Trumpy wins and she’s exiled to hospice to live out her last days on a ventilator.

  4. Diano you idiot! There you go again defending your black “pets”! PCP was found in Terence Crutchers vehicle, he was tazed once and still acted like a psychotic idiot! []…,
    Also, black cop kills gun toting criminal in Charlotte! Despite claims by the family that he was “reading a book” a handgun was found next to hs body”.Suspect described as “disabled” but that did not stop him from fathering 7 children! [I wonder how many of them are “special needs” too! Oh well, it figures that you libs always blame the cops without knowing the whole story, because you pander to your downtrodden pets just like crooked Hillary did when she went on tv with Steve Harvey to blame the cops on the latest police involved shooting in Oklahoma. A “Gentle Giant” high on PCP!

  5. While I’m a big fan of labor and pensions, it’s an uncomfortable truth that police unions are responsible for many cities teetering on bankruptcy. The state law on arbitration basically says that if there’s a dispute, the police union wins. It’s absurd. So you end up with a bunch of officers spiking their pensions with insane amounts of overtime and leaving taxpayers to foot the bill in a completely unsustainable system that unfairly makes the whole concept of pensions look bad.

  6. Tim-

    I’m more worried about white felons like you.

    Bill Ayers? Seriously? He turned himself in decades ago and the FBI wouldn’t arrest him for fear of all their illegal wiretapping, infiltration of peace groups, and intimidation being revealed. Ayers served on some board that Obama was on and was at 1 (count it, 1) fundraiser. He wasn’t a mentor, pal, drinking buddy, hero, or associate of Obama.

    Hillary wrote a paper on and interviewed Saul Alisky, and disagreed with his fundamental premise of change from outside the system, preferring to work inside the system through elected office and other organizations. Certainly, not an understudy.

    Of course, you don’t seem to care about Trump’s longstanding ties with NY mobsters and cement deals, etc. Trump? Military? He pretended that he hurt his foot to get a deferment, and paid off a doctor to sign off on it. (Probably, pretty similar to the way his recent doctor wrote him a “greatest health of any president in history” report without actually examining him).

    As far as the cops being criminals.. there are plenty of crooked cops covering up beatings of suspects and skimming drugs and cash from busts, as well as treating the evidence room like their own personal general store. If the other cops and DA were doing their jobs, they would be arresting these criminals in their midst, rather than stopping every black kid with a hoodie, and arresting them for having a joint.

    If they cops want respect, they need to police themselves better and remove (arrest) the rotten apples, rather than turn a blind eye as though it’s not their problem.

  7. The FOP is not a Union. It’s a fascist organization that masquerades as a Union. Trump and the FOP both believe that killer cops should go unpunished. They’re perfect together.

  8. Diano, you’re so gay. Wait until you need a policeman when you are robbed at gunpoint by a black felon. Let’s talk about draft dodgers and military service here. Obama got his start by Bill Ayers the unrepentant American terrorist who believed he did not “do enough bombings”, crooked hillary was the understudy of Saul Alisky the far left socialist/communist. Her husband Bubba, was a spaced out hippy anti-war protester who got plenty of deferments to get his advanced degrees so he managed to stay out of Nam. “W” hid out in the Texas National Guard so he did not have to ship out to Nam either. Trump went to military academy and has the utmost respect for America’s military, unlike these hippy radicals who use them as pawns in their foreign policy. As far as cops being felons, be very specific before putting ALL cops under that label. Typical democrat rats you make sweeping generalizations about all because they do not conveniently fit into your narrative. You people are lowlife scum.

  9. gulagPittsburgh-

    There’s not a huge difference between a Philly mobster and a cop, so I can see your confusion.

    I think you mean the mothers of black kids gunned down by criminal police felons.

    Hillary is going to get at least the same percentage of the black vote as Obama. Trump couldn’t get few black votes at this point if he hosted a cross-burning.

  10. Why all the body shaming my liberal friends? According to Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer, you must just hate men.

  11. Trumps a Con man and crook
    Lies cheats and steals produces all his products with child and slave Labor making 33 cents to $1.33/hr (Make America Great) America is Great!! and if you don’t like take Your Klu Klucking attitude and move Russia — But he easily cons the less intelligent
    like Tim and the heavy set guy from the police group (which really is not a Union.Im a 63 year old White educated man and vet . keep sticking up for the draft dodger

  12. Welp, he stabs the rest of labor in the back. Shame on him. He can go screw himself with his negative 5 inch penis for all I care. And as an Irish American to another here’s to supporting the modern day Know-Nothing movement.

  13. Looking at the Philly FOP president, you have to wonder how Krispy Kreme ever went bankrupt. Laughing at the thought of him chasing down a crook.

  14. Obama and Crooked Hillary are both pro black criminal. Their “pets” can do no wrong! Who did Lying, crooked Hillary trot out at the Democrat convention? The mothers of criminal black felons gunned downed by cops during the commission of crimes! Who did Trumpy trot out? His “Angel Moms”, the mothers of children killed by illegal aliens! Now, do you get the picture? Crooked Hillary backs the black criminal element because she panders to the black voting block and for no other reason! She needs the blacks to get elected! However blacks are fleeing her in droves because she only offers “welfare checks” and more government dependence while Trumpy offers “paychecks” and safer neighborhoods” free from the black criminal element. Under Trump, cops will be able to do their jobs again, free from the “PC” overlords at the Loretta Lynch “Justice” Department!

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