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Philly NOW Urges Williams to Fire Fina

frank finaThe Philadelphia chapter of the National Organization of Women is calling on District Attorney Seth Williams to take action.

“The Philadelphia Chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) strongly denounces the demeaning, misogynistic and racist emails sent by Frank Fina and E. Marc Costanzo on state owned computers while they worked for the Attorney General’s office,” they write in a press release.

“This gross misconduct points to the culture of misogyny & racism that permeates the highest levels of government,” they continued. “There must be consequences for such behavior in order to change this culture and to repair & restore public confidence in our law enforcement entities.”

“We urge the District Attorney Seth Williams to respond to this matter with the utmost urgency.”

Without explicitly saying so, the group is effectively calling for Williams to fire Fina and Costanzo.

The two men sent pornographic emails during their tenure in the AG office and left to work for Williams after Kathleen Kane was elected.

Kane has categorized her legal troubles as a concerted effort by Fina, Costanzo and even Williams to bring her down.

The Philly DA is currently reviewing possible actions in relation to his two prosecutors.

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  1. It struck me as rather odd that the Philadelphia Chapter of the NAACP has been silent on this. Two racist prosecutors caught red-handed with e-mails to other prosecutors; one would think the NAACP would be organizing rallies.

    And then I remembered that Frank Fina is the person, who while at the Attorney Geneeal, was alleged to have let Gerry Mondesire off the hook by abandoning an investigation targeting Mondesire. Add to that the fact that Seth Williams is close with Mondesire and now I understand why the NAACP is giving Seth Williams and Fina a pass. It’s quid pro quo.

  2. Seth knew about the emails when he hired them but he doesn’t care … the laws don’t apply to Seth or Fina … didn’t you hear … they are above the law

  3. Hahaha- you totally make sense, but I’m telling you, don’t misjudge seths capacity for big mistakes, political or otherwise. This is the guy who a couple years ago had a subscription to my hotlatina and my hotebony Twitter accounts, which he tried to explain away as his phone was hacked. Just to give you an idea of why I think fina and costanza will stay, Sources in the da’s office say there are a lot of meetings going on, and costanza and fina don’t look too concerned about anything. I’m telling you, seth and his peeps are cooking up a way to keep those jerks, so we’ll just wait and see if I’m right.

  4. David – You hit the nail on the head. it is very important that prosecutors be fair and unbiased. a bigoted prosecutor can do all kinds of damage. Not implying that a racist meter maid is OK … but a prosecutor goes to Court to represent victims and the City. An elected D.A. shouldn’t be sending racists or misogynists into court to represent the City. It’s just wrong.

    All the other nonsense here about all the other D vs R issues are just that — nonsense.

    Seth Williams is not doing himself any favors. And he s certainly not looking out for reales or Blacks. Philadelphia deserves better than Frank Fina and Marc Costanzo.

  5. There’s a lesson here boys and girls. Democrats will tell you that racists and misogynists are the worst, but then that you need to tolerate them in the workplace when we find they practice their hate on government time with government computers. So much is Democrats love (and fear) of the unions that they will tell blacks and all women to deal with it.

  6. pavoter – I hear you. And I get that there have been mistakes made. But he is a political animal. And there is no way he doesn’t get how bad those “porn dudes” are making him look.

    Kane now has an obvious reason to fall back on when confronted with her handing over the sting case. She knew the lead prosecutor is a racist.

    Seth may be stuck with the abysmal sting case, but he is not stuck with men who exchanged e-mails that included a roll of duct tape with a caption that reads: “Duct tape turns ‘no, no, no’ to ‘MMMMMM'”

    He knows that women are not going to accept that. He knows his Office has to prosecute rape cases.

    He may not be the brightest when it comes to financial decision, but he knows what he has to do … politically. And, IMO, he does know right from wrong. Fina and Costanzo are pulling him down. He has to feel it.

  7. Thank you David, you have answered the question at least twice. But, I’d like to hear from Pat and the union hack if they’re cool with pervy racist misogynists creepin the workplace on the public’s dime.

  8. Pat unger – what you wrote makes complete sense, but I think you overestimate Seth being “bright”. He’s his own worst enemy, and very disorganized. He and his original first assistant parted ways, apparently, because Seth wouldn’t take his advice in order to sty out of trouble. Joe mcgettigan left, complaining about Seths boneheaded decisions, and all Seth has around him now are yes men, with no one having the guts to tell him as their boss that he shouldn’t do certain things. Like don’t hire the guy with a past a s a drug dealer. Don’t retain and then promote the da who had an affair with a drug dealer. Don’t wine and dine the politically connected ladies all the time at the Union league (I’m willing to guess that’s where his problem with the fbi probe into his campaign expenses began). For the good of philadelphia and what was once a great da’s office I hope you’re right and the porn dudes are sent poking, but I’m just saying, don’t be surprised to see seth make another bad call on this one. He is his own worst enemy with the judgment of an adolescent boy running Around with someone else’s credit card.

  9. Unsanctioned R-

    If we fired them all, their would no republicans left in government. 🙂

    Actually, the criteria needs to be related to the employee’s role in govt/hierarchy as to whether the bias would have an effect on the work.

    If you’ve got issues that make you think women should be subservient in the workplace, then you would not be a good candidate to resolve office sexual claims.

  10. PAVoter — I just don’t see Seth Williams throwing away his career so he can back a couple of racist misogynists. Especially when they misled him in order to get hired at the DA’s Office in the first place.

    Keep in mind that there is additional damaging material on the way. Kane stated that there is “more” than the 400 pages originally released by the courts. The papers originally reported on some pretty crazy videos that were exchanged … including what another commenter has frequently referred to as “graphic violence against women.”

    Williams seems like a bright guy. He knows that the A/A/ groups in Philadelphia are not going to stay quiet for too much longer.

  11. As disgusting as it might sound, don’t be surprised to see the porn crew stay at ten da’s office in philly. They just make a public apology, seth points out all the porn stud happened prior to their time in his employ, and we all move along. This pretty much ends any talk of seth for any other office, including fattahs congressional seat, because there is now officially too much garbage in seths background / record as da for him to be taken seriously for any other office and will need to white knuckle hold on tight to his incumbency. I also see the city party looking to primary him hard in 18 months. So goes a once promising political career.

  12. Frank Fina’s emails included an image of a roll of duct tape with the caption that reads: Duct tape turns “no, no, no” into “MMMMMM”

    Gotta wonder what Women against Rape think about that one. How about victims of sexual abuse in Philadelphia? I’m trying to figure out how that e-mail is even a little bit funny.

    Hey Frank – How friggin into rape are you?

  13. David – My understanding is that the motives to lie and the attempts to twist the facts are going to be matters for the jury to consider … unless Castor becomes D.A. … in which case he will drop this nonsense like a hot potato.

    I fear that Kevin Steele is now “all-in” on this case. He may be regretting that right about now. He should be.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Frank Fina and his desperate crew will continue to try to discredit Kane, force her from Office, and avoid a public trial. But now that Fina has been exposed, my guess is that no one will help him out anymore.

    The Disciplinary Board has already been called out for their amazing attempt to do an end-around on the Constitution.

    Williams is certainly paying the price for getting into bed with Fina and his pals.

    Judge Carpenter does need to be asked why he has not appointed a Special Prosecutor to investigate the leaks from the Kane grand jury. If he doesn’t he looks like a hypocrite engaged in selective enforcement.

    This is clearly a part of Kane’s defense … but none of it totally invalidates the indictment/arrest/PH result.

  14. HaHaHa-

    My point is that the grand jury investigation was invalid in the first place. Like a search without a proper warrant, everything in the trial should be dismissed and disallowed.

    Also, the claim that she’s “lying” rests on two assumptions:

    1) that her different take/memories on conversations is less valid than the other witnesses
    2) that she intentionally lied and didn’t believe the things she was saying or remembered. (Everyone here paints her as delusional, then claims her different recollection is a lie, rather than her own belief.)

    Unsanctioned R-

    It’s not two wrongs making a right. It’s the greater wrong negating the lesser wrong. Even if she lied her @ss off, the entire grand-jury was like a false arrest, and she should get a pass. It’s not that I’m saying she’s right/wrong. I’m saying that her actions in response to this political attack are irrelevant.

  15. I cannot believe another day has gone by and Seth Williams still has the people responsible for disgracing him and his office on his payroll.

    IMO – Fina and Costanzo needed to be gone as soon as it became obvious that they sent racist e-mails that they have been trying to hide from the public.

    Williams would be smart to get this chapter of his career behind him. Frank Fina and his pals are dragging Williams down.

  16. LOL … “UR” … You need to keep your many screen names straight … Are you “Unsanctioned R” …. or are you “blacks and women” ….


  17. Why would you keep racist misogynists on the taxpayer payroll then??? Why are you afraid to ask for all the jobs of racists and perverts in government? Are you a UNION hack?

  18. Wahhhhhhhh … WAH … … … Wahhhhhhhhhhh … … … … WAH … Two wrongs don’t make a right !!!!!!!! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … … …

    Racist material plus misogynistic material don’t make a right either.

    Fina + Costanzo = WRONG.

  19. David, I get that the two-wrongs-make–right crowd find justification for Kane’s choices where the law does not. Don’t see how pointing that out makes one a Fina defender. But then again, you weren’t the one complaining about it.

  20. DD – To be fair, Fina did not brain-wash Kane and force her to lie under oath (if that is in fact what she did). She certainly has a lot of explaining to do at her trial. And I would hope that she will be totally forthright.

    But I agree with you that Fina’s role in the grand jury investigating Kane … and in the leaking of secret grand jury material from that grand jury… needs to be explored. IMO – someone also needs to investigate why he “deep-sixed” the investigation into Mondesire (as originally reported by Brennan).

    Remember – what’s good for the Goose is good for the perverts.

  21. Unsanctioned R-

    The people who are “defending” Fina are those who act like the investigation into Kane is a separate matter, and not a result of Fina’s manipulations behind the scenes that call into question the actions of Carpenter and the special prosecutor.

  22. Brad – You make a good point. And it’s not just sexism. It’s racism too.

    From Philly Mag: Fina’s group of faux motivational posters included an image of a white man, carrying a bucket of fried chicken, being accosted by two deranged-looking black men. The caption? “Bravery at its finest.”

    And “sexism” doesn’t go far enough in explaining the problems with this: An email from Fina to two colleagues depicts a topless woman on her back, giving oral sex to a man in a dress shirt. It is captioned in the style of a motivational poster: “WILLINGNESS: Bend over backwards to do an exceptional job.” A picture of another woman giving oral sex to her male “boss” had the caption: “DEVOTION: Making your boss happy is your only job.”

    This kind of vile, disgusting material should be offensive to women AND men. There is no place for people like that in a District Attorney’s Office.

    Everyone who questions why Kane did not move on the “sting” case (which targeted Black politicians) need look no further than Frank Fina’s e-mails. If I was in Kane’s shoes – I would not have touched one of that man’s cases. Did Kane share the e-mails with the Feds? I don’t know … but they made the same decision that Kane made on that botched sting case. They told Fina: “NO THANKS.” I’ll bet Seth wishes he had too …

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