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Philly NOW: Williams Should Prosecute Alleged Sexual Assault

Seth-WilliamsThe Philadelphia chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) issued a statement calling on District Attorney Seth Williams to prosecute an alleged suspect of sexual assault.

Gwen Snyder, a delegate for Bernie Sanders at the DNC, filed a police report stating that fellow delegate Walter Weeks had sexually assaulted her around 2 a.m. on July 28th.

“I made a report less than 12 hours after it happened. I gave them witness contact information, gave them my attacker’s name, travelled in the back of a squad car for 90 minutes in order to give a statement, everything,” Snyder said of her ordeal. “I don’t know what else I could have done.”

Snyder also reported the incident to the hotel where she was staying and the alleged assault occurred and to DNC officials. Neither institution, however, took any significant action.

The Doubletree Hotel, where Snyder and Weeks were staying, has a policy that when an incident is reported to police, either both the victim and the attacker are evicted or neither is. Not wanting to miss the convention, Snyder opted to stay.

Meanwhile, DNC officials did not know how to go about stripping Weeks of his credentials. Therefore, he was allowed to remain at the convention.

Snyder has penned an open letter to Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden asking them for help in bettering the Democratic Party’s and government’s responses to sexual assault.

Philadelphia NOW is pushing Williams to prosecute the case. The grouped slammed the DA for failing to do his job, with this being the latest example. The group also hit Williams for keeping staff involved in the porngate scandal.

Especially concerning for Philly NOW is that it seems that Weeks was not charged because prosecutors were worried they couldn’t show Weeks knew that Snyder wasn’t consenting because he was drunk.

“I’m beyond disappointed by the DA’s office current position on this matter. Sexual harassment must not go unchecked. It sets a terrible precedent and sends the wrong message” Natalie Catin, President of Philadelphia NOW said in a statement.

Snyder herself has also launched an online petition calling on Williams to “apologize for your [William’s] office’s choice to use alcohol consumption by a perpetrator as a factor in deciding whether or not to prosecute cases of sexual violence, and we demand that you prosecute my case to the full extent of the law.”

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  2. Mr. Todd – pay no mind to the pathetic RETARD troll. He is projecting. He knows no one cares what he thinks/types. So he posts it under new screen-names every day. Sad. Just call him names. It’s easy – since he blows truck drivers for money.

  3. Mr or ms Sara and haha: Google is a wonderful thing. It will reveal much about the cop car’s AC. You don’t even have to be stoned to use it.

    I decline your suggestion that I resign. Move into my district and run against me. Of course doing so will show the world who your cowardly asses are, so that’s kinda scary.

    Barring that, feel free to keep reading my stuff while saying no one does.

  4. Sara, pay no mind to Steve Todd; nobody else does. He’s a chronic stoner who babbles occasionally about politics and nobody pays any attention.

  5. Mr. Todd, I did not read where there was no air conditioning nor was she locked in the police car. What I read was she was traveling for 90 minutes in the back of a police car. Mr. Todd, please resign from the Democratic Party – become an independent, I have read your posts on Politicspa and you has done nothing but bash the Democrats this last year. I understand you hold an office in the local party, how do they feel about your hatred toward the party and the people in it?

  6. Why on Earth did Gwen have to spend “90 minutes locked in the back of a squad car without air conditioning in order to get to SVU to give [her] statement,” as she has repeatedly said?

    This is an inappropriate way for my employees to treat my fellow citizen, in any situation where she isn’t suspected of a crime. BUT especially when she is trying to do her civic duty and report a crime.

    What is up with this part alone, Philly, and/or DNC?

    ~ Steve Todd
    Democratic Delegate for Bernie Sanders, PA Congressional District 15
    Dauphin County Democratic Committee, Derry Twp, Precinct 12

  7. Saw this on Philly Mag. Good summary:

    This list keeps getting longer and longer ….

    The FACTS on Seth Williams:

    The guy who recently hired his lawyer’s wife to a six-figure job she is not qualified for.

    The guy who is covering up for the person who vandalized City property in front of his house (or maybe in front of his g/f’s house).

    The guy who’s Twitter feed once included photos from Big Booty Latina and Big Booty Ebony.

    The guy who promotes women he has slept with (maybe said g/f mentioned above).

    The guy who spent campaign funds on membership dues at The Union League and The Sporting Club at The Bellvue.

    The guy who turned his back on the victim of a violent crime because one of the perpetrators gave him lots of $$$.

    The guy who ignored the law and turned his back on the victim of sexual assault.

    The guy who lives with his Mommy.

    The guy who demoted a top Deputy and hard-working prosecutor because she suggested that the Office not have racist, sexist prosecutors on staff.

    The guy that had a Harrisburg bartender and Corbett Republicans running his PAC and his campaign for re-election.

    The guy that has a hard time paying his bills on a $175,000.00 a year job.

    The guy that got his ass kicked by a defense attorney and then turned around and hired him as a Deputy.

    The guy who is the subject of FBI criminal investigation.

    The guy who sips bourbon in a bow-tie at the Union League.

    The guy who gets free field-passes for NFL games and then refuses to prosecute NFL players who sucker-punch off-duty officers.

    The guy whose family lives in the suburbs in an illegally paid-for house with the wife that he cheated on repeatedly.

    The guy who just had his hallmark-case over-turned by the Supreme Court.

    The guy who thinks it’s OK to prosecute people for taking small gifts while he receives $160,000.00 in gifts.

    The guy who brought in a washed-up criminal defense attorney/tax-deadbeat to run the D.A.’s Office.

  8. Seth is a no-good creep. He is in bed with John Dougherty and is clearly on the take.

    Now – we can’t even expect him to do the right thing on sexual assault cases.


  9. Seth Williams is an absolute disgrace. A woman in Philadelphia would be absolutely crazy to vote for that asshole.

  10. gulag Pittsburgh (Frank Little): Maybe Seth should set up a fundrazr account like you and beg for money.

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