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Philly Police Offer Kanye West A Job

The Philadelphia Police Department is hiring musicians it appears.

The boys in blue sent out the following tweet this morning:


It is a reference to the fact that Kanye West recently asserted that he is $53 million in debt.

We’ve noted before that the Philly Police’s twitter account has quite the sense of humor and it has gotten them a lot of attention. In that way, this is actually a pretty effective way to advertise for new applicants.

On the off chance, though, if any one sees Yeezy patrolling the streets of the City of Brotherly Love please contact us at

17 Responses

  1. Look everyone more examples of HAHo and Diablow trying to look important. Still waiting on the State Legislators name Diablow.

  2. Diablow- Here’s what you wrote; “Maybe they just need an extra black guy for target practice” now these are the facts this is what you wrote nothing about mugshots. Now don’t you feel like the lying, racist, no nothing ass that you are. Facts Diablow.

  3. Jerry If you know someone in Philly anyone could become a cop. They call it a “waiver “. I love cops. Philly PD under leadership from McNesby at the FOP is a cess pool. So come to Philadelphia and I’ll get you in a room with 100 cops and they can tell you how low morale is under McRizzo. !!

  4. Diablow- Forgot to mention the Philadelphia Police Department which you claim has a lack of intelligence problem requires 60 college credits before you even take an entrance exam, background, physical and more. See these are facts. Not references to obscure stories that may or may not have happened. Hmmm since we’re talking about crimes how about the crimes Kane committed. Also regarding donuts I don’t like them either but you can always get your cream from HoHa like you do now.

  5. Diablow- Don’t worry about my spelling, I thought that based on your posts you were going to amaze me with lots of stats but you didn’t. You quoted one story. That’s your MO. You post your imbecilic comments like it is a fact. Wrong again. If intelligence is a requirement to be a police officer that’s why you’re not. Don’t forget the fact that you’re a racist against African Americans too. What kind of buisness is it you run? The one everybody was laughing at. I noticed you didn’t comment on my posts as to what real cops think. That’s because you’re a coward too. Keep hiding behind the keyboard Diablow. Better roll over and wake HAHo up so he dosent pee the bed again.

  6. Jerry Mulligan-

    Please get a spell checker or stop typing while drunk. The red wavy line under your words means they are misspelled, not that the browser likes them and wanted to celebrate them.

    The black cops know that a lot of the white cops are racist, and don’t get in trouble for it. It’s not really a secret.

    There are good cops out there. Unfortunately, the system protects the bad cops and bad police practices. Look at the cover-ups by Chicago. Look at the racist implementation of stop-and-frisk in NYC. Look at NYC police doing illegal surveillance on NJ mosques. And that doesn’t even cover the low level graft, ticket-fixing, pocketing valuables and loose cash.

    The police have been turning into a para-military organization with no regard for civil liberties. Good cops don’t want to be part of it, and the sh*t cops are left to run the show.

    The biggest disqualifier for me being involved in police work is my high intelligence.

    Google: too intelligent to be a cop

    Plenty of news stories and court rulings on the subject.

    Also, I have terrible aim and am not into eating donuts enough.

  7. Hey Diano and HAHo and Whistleblower although I believe you blow more than whistles what say we all get together at a stop in Deleware County and we’ll invite a reporter from the Delco times and some of the Philadelphia Police Officers and you can tell them face to face what you said on here. Uhhhh one more probably about half of the Officers are African American. You cast aspirations on those who are white skinned, black skinned, and eleven some brown skinned officer would like to discuss your racist comment. See you did the wrong thing boys you cast aspirations at the Blue Skinned Officers. A fraternity that you never be able enter well for one reason your a coward. You are druiving democrats out of the party by droves. It’s so bad the Republicans wast to give you an award. You man enough you can bring your arch side kick HoHa that should make you feel safe. Diano you have been outed you are a FRAUD.

  8. HaHo and Diano, Diano post racists comments about blacks being targets and you post that you own me. You own nothing! You’re a joke and everyone knows it. Your idiotic comments are a staple of this blog you both command no respect and in the absence of ever citing facts you refer to terms like trolls, clown cars but I guess that’s equates with your level of intelligence or lack thereof.

  9. Oh look!! The pathetic troll (posing now as “Jerry Mulligan”) is trying to run and hide from the fact that he has been OWNED on the Kane article … AGAIN …

    Poor thing. He may actually be retarded.

  10. Diano- let’s move on to another subject you know nothing about but you run your mouth. You are a racist for saying that African Americans are used for target practice. You have no facts to support this. Here we go again. The last I heard about a shooting involving the Philadelphia Police an African American shot a Caucasian Police Officer. I guess your stupid comments also apply to the moderator since he put on the original post. Imagine HaHo saying someone is unprofessional. Just read his posts for the last few weeks. Facts Diano or in their absence you are proven the fool you truly are.

  11. Curious does anyone know if the public has a Right To Know who actually does the Tweets. I’d like to know the woman or mans name and badge number? Or is that an issue of Homeland Security lol?! Otherwise known as a coverup

  12. This is racially offensive. And a waste of time. Not to mention will now be texted shared tweeted about all day by police on the taxpayers dime. Philly police offending people with no impunity. I’d love to look at Facebook page of the cop in the picture. I bet he’s a real doozy

  13. lmao, DD.

    The Philly Police trolling a rapper is extraordinarily unprofessional. They don’t have their heads on straight. “Blue Lives Matter” as a “response” to “Black Lives Matter” is patently absurd. They have made it Police vs A/As. And now they are making it worse.

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