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PHL-15: Environmental Groups Endorse Kenney

PPCWEED01C-600During yesterday’s celebration of Earth Day, four environmental activist groups endorsed Jim Kenney in the race for Mayor of Philadelphia.

Representing over 120,000 supporters in Philadelphia, Clean Water Action, Conservation Voters of PA, PennEnvironment and the Sierra Club are committed to a cleaner environment and are prepared to vote for pro-environment candidates.

“On Earth Day, Philadelphians from all walks of life reflect on the steps they can take to better protect our environment and planet,” noted PennEnvironment’s Executive Director David Masur.

“We’re here to tell the city’s residents that if they want to take action for our environment in the name of Earth Day, they should commit to voting for Jim Kenney for mayor on May 19th.”

These endorsements are unique because it marks the first time that any of these citizen-based environmental groups have gotten involved in a Philadelphia Mayoral race. The groups said they endorsed Kenney because his record and his plans offer a unique opportunity to protect the health of millions of Philadelphians and their environment.

“Jim Kenney has been at the forefront of supporting and crafting common sense solutions to some of our most difficult environmental problems,” said Brooks Mountcastle, Eastern PA Director, Clean Water Action.

“Meanwhile, State Senator Anthony Williams voted for Act 13, which empowered the fossil fuel industry and stripped municipalities’ ability to protect their communities from gas drilling.”

Although each organization has different criteria for making endorsements, the groups collaborated to draft and distribute a questionnaire to address many of the most pressing environmental and public health issues facing Philadelphia.

Lynn Abraham, Nelson Diaz, Jim Kenney and Anthony Williams each submitted questionnaire responses on issues including renewable energy, green infrastructure, oil and gas development, plastic bags and climate change. (Their responses are available in full at

“Jim Kenney’s promises to support clean energy, fight pollution, and protect our health are backed up by years of environmental leadership in the City Council,” said Josh McNeil, Executive Director of Conservation Voters of PA.

“Good environmental laws come from good environmental lawmakers, and Jim Kenney is one of the best.”

Kenney was responsible for City Council’s Committee on the Environment. He sponsored bills to require energy efficient roofs and encourage solar energy development as well as taking steps to reduce energy consumption. He has pledged to defend drinking water, promote energy efficiency and safeguard Philadelphia’s parks.

“We want Philadelphia to continue on the path of becoming the greenest city in America, and Jim has played a key role in that journey so far,” said Karen Melton of Sierra Club.

“We believe he will be a champion for energy and building efficiency, clean air and water, and for investments that move the city toward long term sustainability.”

“I’m very excited to have the endorsement of these dedicated environmentalists,” Kenney said. “One of my proudest moments in City Council was creating the first Committee on the Environment so that we could protect our air and water from pollution and ensure that our natural resources would be there for generations to come. As mayor, I look forward to working with these groups to make public transportation more energy efficient, increase the city’s green spaces, and reduce the City’s carbon footprint.”

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  1. What I want to know is what Kenney’s stand is with regard to the proposed Energy Hub at the site of the old Sunoco plant. He’s appointed Phil Rinaldi, the CEO of Energy Solutions, which is responsible for most of the air pollution in the city, to his economic development team. And he has not appointed anyone from a business or business coalition taking a green initiative. Furthermore, when I asked him at a meet-&-greet about what the city can to about the tanker trains carrying highly flammable oil through our neighborhoods, his answers were vague, essentially implying that there’s nothing the city can do. This from a guy with a reputation for tackling difficult problems and getting something done.

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