PHL-15: Oliver Releases First Campaign Ad (VIDEO)

A third mayoral candidate is on the air.

Former Philadelphia Gas Works spokesman and Democratic candidate Doug Oliver revealed his first media buy Tuesday, which includes a television ad that will begin airing Wednesday.

Oliver will be the second candidate on the air of his own accord. State Sen. Anthony Williams has released two campaign ads, one last month and one earlier this month, and has gained the support of two independently sponsored ads. Former City Councilman Jim Kenney has been the subject of two ads sponsored by outside groups, as well, but has not released an ad paid for by his own campaign.

Oliver’s 30-second television spot — as well as two additional web-only videos — focuses solely on education. The ad features a voice-over of a Philadelphia citizen who says she is “sick and tired of what’s going in our education system.”

The narrator praises Oliver, insisting he “needs to be in office.”

“I believe that he’s going to make sure the resources are there,” the narrator says in the ad. “I believe that he’s going to promote the issues of the people. Our children are worth so much more.”

Oliver’s ad takes a different format from the typical political spot — featuring an unscripted narration and hip hop music playing in the background. Oliver, by far the youngest candidate in the race for mayor, has not been shy about his intent to target young Philadelphia voters.

“I wanted to capture the passion of our City as well as the urgency of addressing our broken educational system,” Oliver stated of the commercial. “I believe this commercial — abrupt, emotional and unscripted captures the sentiment of what we’ve been hearing from neighborhoods all across the City.”

The two web videos promote a message similar to the TV spot: that Oliver will work to bring Philadelphia children the opportunity at a quality education. In the longer, minute-long web spot, Oliver addresses the camera face-on, talking about his struggles during middle school.

“I remember the first test where I got an ‘A’ and it became clear that other students had gotten ‘F’s,’ and I paid the price during recess,” Oliver says in the ad. “So what did I do? I stopped getting ‘A’s.’

“I think that if we want our kids to do well in school we have to create an environment where they feel safe,” Oliver continues at the close of the video.

Also included in the media buy are a radio ad and billboard installations. According to the campaign, much of the footage used in the commercial was shot on the campaign trail.

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