PHL-15: Rendell Endorses Kenney

Kenney-HappyFormer Governor and ex-Mayor of Philadelphia Ed Rendell is endorsing Democratic nominee Jim Kenney.

You’re all shocked, I know.

Although it was little more than a formality, Rendell finally chose today to officially back Kenney (maybe the Kenney team is trying to distract from the debate news).

“Jim Kenney has a long history of fighting on behalf of working families and their children,” said Governor Rendell. “Through my work with him during my time as Mayor, I know that he understands that providing fair wages and increasing resources to public schools are important steps towards making Philadelphia a world class city. I look forward to working with him to ensure that working families are protected and equitable opportunities are provided to Philadelphians in all neighborhoods.”

“I am honored to have the Governor’s endorsement,” Kenney responded. “As Mayor he brought this city through a tough fiscal crisis and as Governor he demonstrated his commitment to Philadelphia’s children by funding our schools. He will be an important ally and I look forward to working with him to increase opportunities for working families and provide fully funded schools for our city’s children.”

Rendell was Mayor of Philly from January 6, 1992 to January 3, 2000. Kenney was sworn in as a member of City Council on the same day and stayed until he was forced to retire last January to run for Mayor.

5 Responses

  1. James Kenny and the media have known about demolition with zero permits and other construction crimes which the City Council fully supported for years and caused injury. I showed the writer of this article plus James Kenny violations years ago and both of them and all of City Council colluded in an injurious whistleblower retaliation campaign against me to cover up the crimes of a politicaly connected development project in Council Woman Cindy Bass ward. Cindy has lied to the people of Philadelia as well when she pretended to NOT know about the history of demolition in Philadelphia. She has known and covered up demolition and other construction crimes for years. The truth is , if the various media outlets and City Council, including James Kenny , whom I visited with his office person Willamenia, and sent him and nearly everyone in city notice of construction and other kinds of harms done, that accident at Market Street would never have happened. But they thought it was more fun to attack and harm me than fix the problem of corruption on the construction sites of favored developers. I have plenty of evidence and wrote an affidavit and sending it to places who can put you all in jail, which is where everyone wants you anyway. James Kenny and City Council fully supports construction corruption. Rendell ignored and colluded with these crimes as well.

  2. With eddie spendell’s endorsement perhaps Kenney has a shot at winning the november election. better shot than mcginty has against Sleazestak

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