PHL-15: Williams’ Campaign Receives Financial Support From Independent Committee

Anthony WilliamsState Sen. Anthony Williams’ mayoral campaign received a huge financial boost.

The senator’s biggest investors are back. According to Dave Davies of WHYY, Three founders of the Susquehanna International Group, who funneled $5 million into Williams’ 2010 campaign for Governor, have donated $250,000 to support Williams’ mayoral candidacy.

The Susquehanna principal owners — Joel Greenberg, Jeff Yass and Arthur Dantchik — contributed the money to an independent pro-Williams political committee called American Cities launched last year.

The independent expenditure allows them to bypass Philadelphia campaign finance law, which prohibits candidates from accepting more than $10,000 from political committees per calendar year. Armed with court decisions like Citizens United, American Cities will be able to spend unlimited funds on Williams’ media campaign.

With no candidate holding more than $500,000 cash on hand, this extra money from the Susquehanna investors is a crucial advantage for Williams as the candidates prepare to wage media campaigns in the expensive Philadelphia market.

And Williams already leads with cash on hand, ending 2014 with $426,000 in his war chest. The only candidate who comes close to matching Williams’ numbers is former District Attorney Lynne Abraham, who has $410,000 on hand.

9 Responses

  1. Chet royer:
    What are you babbling about? Do you have $250,000 to give to a candidate? I don’t think so. And someone is just going to give a campaign $250,000 with no strings attached?

  2. Observer does not know of what he speaks. These guys have been vetted before regarding this stuff and they came up clean. To bad observer couldn’t take a Lie detector test on line because she/he would fail.

  3. “Thinking Pennsylvanian” = [redacted] for the SIG manipulators. They want their kids’ prep school education paid for by the PA taxpayer. And yes, SIG IS invested in many education Profiteers, from testing companies to textbook sellers to bus-company roll-ups, so don’t LIE here on this forum.

  4. The principals of the Susquehanna International Group,like many Pennsylvanians, are seriously concerned with the current status of public education in many of our under achieving schools. They don’t own or invest in charter schools. They simply are using their resources to support elected officials like Tony Williams who are boldly standing up for our children. Tony’s focus is on improving and expanding educational opportunities for our children, and he’s doing so despite the intense opposition of the public education establishment, which every year seems more interested in lining their pockets and less interested in educating our children.

  5. DELCO Observer- same thing he told them to get $5 million for his gubernatorial campaign. Williams stands out as a [redacted] in a system full of them.

  6. Anthony Williams would be a disaster as Mayor. I hope the people of Philadelphia see through him, and realize he is one of the worst types of politicians…in the wake of Rob McCord scandal, wonder what Senator Williams told the Charter School crowd to get $250K?

  7. Observer might want to explain what could possibly be done to make the Philadelphia schools worse . . .

  8. These guys and others who bankrolled Williams last time are a bunch of Education Profiteers, who actively push Privatization, for-profit charters, Vouchers, and in general destruction of the Public Education system. I am surprised PoliticsPA didn’t do any digging about their nefarious goals. Williams is bought and paid for. These guys are NOT Democrats.

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