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PHL-15: Wolf Endorses Kenney

Credit: WHYYNewsworks

It would definitely be fair to call this one a foregone conclusion.

Governor Tom Wolf formally endorsed Democratic nominee for Mayor of Philadelphia Jim Kenney today.

“Jim Kenney and I share the belief that funding education is a moral issue, not a political one,” said Governor Wolf. “Jim’s commitment to expanding early childhood education and increasing the number of community schools are important steps towards closing the opportunity gap. I look forward to working with Jim to ensure that every Pennsylvania child has access to a quality education, regardless of where they live.”

“I am grateful for the Governor’s support,” said Kenney. “Philadelphia’s 26% poverty rate affects every person in the City, but it has some of its most profound effects on our children. Children living in poverty need a pathway out, and the Governor and I are committed to ensuring that public schools can be that bridge to economic opportunity. I look forward to collaborating with Governor Wolf to provide high quality pre-K programs to children in need, and ensuring that the state’s funding formula takes into account the added costs of providing support to children living in poverty.”

As the Democratic nominee in the highly Democratic city of Philadelphia, Kenney is the overwhelming favorite to be the next Mayor.

6 Responses

  1. FYI-

    This race was over in May. Kenney couldn’t lose if he was caught in a hotel room with a dead hooker.

    Is there even a Republican candidate running for mayor? (If my life depended upon it, I really could not name Kenney’s GOP opponent.)

    Kinda wishing Kenney had replaced Nutter before the Po(pe)lice state in Philly.

  2. FYI people in philly know when Election Day is we have enough local 98 animals running all over the city reminding us if we don’t support Kevin people will start calling your jobs and your wives jobs causing trouble. There’s enough keyed and vandalized cars with flat tires. WE KNOW ITS ELECTION DAY.

  3. This makes complete sense to anyone who knows politics. You always bring in well-known names close to Election Day. Hillary, Bill, Barack and Michele all came to PA last year for separate events for the final push for Wolf. In fact, President Obama endorsed Wolf just a week before Election Day at a huge event in Philly. It’s good press close to Election Day and reminds voters especially urban voters that there’s an election.

  4. Is Wolf the last elected Dem or candidate left to endorse Kenney? Is ANYONE left who hasn’t?

  5. I would have thought that the 26% poverty rate in Philly had something to do with long-time Democratic Party governance. But I guess we need more tax and spend in a city where very few people pay their taxes and want to take all the benefit of taxes.

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