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Pinsley Joins Auditor General Race

Mark Pinsley

A third Democrat has entered the race for Pennsylvana Auditor General.

Lehigh County Controller Mark Pinsley announced his candidacy for Pennsylvania Auditor General on Friday morning, declaring himself “the only candidate that can flip the office back to the Democratic Party and promising to boldly reimagine the office with “audits to impact” intended to result in policy change and spur the legislature forward.”

Tim DeFoor, the incumbent Auditor General, is backed by powerful special interests looking to privatize education who will stop at nothing to hold this seat. It’s imperative our nominee be best suited to be able to take on DeFoor. I’m a veteran, small business owner, and incumbent controller in PA’s 10th largest county with a real record of results. Only I can stand on that stage and make the case against DeFoor,” said Pinsley.

Recently elected to a second term as Lehigh County controller, he says his priorities are to evaluate the financial and human costs of crisis pregnancy centers, conducting a socio-economic audit to understand the cost of underfunding schools, auditing state support of county election offices, and evaluating Pennsylvania’s economic development programs compared to other states

“Auditor General has the power to be one of the most transformative offices in the state, a watchdog and advocate for change,” Pinsley said in a campaign announcement. “I’m the only one able to tap into the office’s fullest potential and the only one who can win this race. If we value reproductive justice, saving democracy, and promoting economic opportunity and a fair economy, we need to win first. Nothing gets done if we don’t win.

“We expect our Attorneys General to have law degrees; we should expect our Auditor Generals to have relevant financial experience. I am the only candidate running with private sector executive experience managing multimillion-dollar budgets and public sector experience where I’ve done the work, saved taxpayers’ money, and used the office to advocate for change. My audits translate to impact,” said Pinsley.

He joins a three-man Democratic contest that includes Democratic state Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta (D-Philadelphia) and former Speaker of the House Mark Rozzi (D-Berks). DeFoor, the incumbent, has also announced his intention to run for reelection.

“I have a history of winning tough races,” said Pinsley. “In 2017, I was the first Democrat elected in South Whitehall Township in over 20 years; in 2019, I flipped the Controller’s Office from red to blue in a purple county. I outperformed President Biden’s countywide vote share during my recent reelection. I am the only candidate who knows what it takes to win tough races and has won. Republican votes and has flipped seats.

“I believe nominees matter. The recent election in Allegheny County shows that we can lose races we should win or have tougher fights than we need. My resume and my record are beyond question, and the Republican Party won’t be able to paint me as extreme or unqualified. I’ve served my country and community and know how to win in cities, suburbs, and rural communities. I am the only candidate who knows the job, has done the job, and can win the job,” said Pinsley.

2 Responses

  1. No chance. He couldn’t even win Lehigh Valley-based state Senate seats in 2018 and 2022.

  2. Mark Pinsley does seem to be the first non-politician Democrat to now be in the running for this important office.

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