Pittsburgh City Controller Candidate Natalia Rudiak Releases First Ad (VIDEO)

Natalia Rudiak, a Democratic candidate in the race for Pittsburgh City Controller, has released her first ad of the campaign, citing Pittsburgh’s need for “a controller who will hold corporations accountable” as reason to vote for her in the general election.

She’s running incumbent Democrat Michael Lamb.

The thirty-second spot touches on the need for funding for Pittsburgh’s public school system and the need for families to have more of a share of the city’s economic growth.

The commercial also blasts Lamb, saying that Pittsburgh needs “someone who will stop corruption before it happens — not make excuses later.”

Rudiak currently sits on the Pittsburgh City Council.

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2 thoughts on “Pittsburgh City Controller Candidate Natalia Rudiak Releases First Ad (VIDEO)”

  1. George Manzelle says:

    I can’t believe no one’s talking about her reliance on “medicinal herbs”…

  2. jmarshak says:

    The controller has the power to tax evil corporations and give the money to schools? When did the job description change to include that?

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