Pittsburgh City Controller Lamb Releases First Campaign Ad

MichaelLambTuesday was a big day for Michael Lamb.

The City Controller released his first re-election ad and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published an editorial endorsing his renomination.

Lamb has already been backed by the Allegheny County Democratic Committee, the Allegheny County Labor Council, the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #1, Gertrude Stein Club of Greater Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh’s Building Trades, Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers and the 14th Ward Independent Club.

The incumbent is running against City Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak for the Democratic nomination.

He is a lifelong resident of Pittsburgh and he currently resides in Mount Washington with his wife Jill.

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One thought on “Pittsburgh City Controller Lamb Releases First Campaign Ad”

  1. steve k. says:

    Great guy can’t wait til he runs for state treasure next year.

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