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Plouffe: “Pennsylvania’s A Lock” for Hillary Clinton (AUDIO)

David Plouffe is at it again.

The Campaign Manager for Barack Obama in 2008 and Senior Advisor during the 2012 re-election effort remains convinced that Pennsylvania will remain blue in November.

Plouffe was interviewed by former White House speechwriter Jon Favreau and Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer on the latest episode of their “Keepin’ It 1600” podcast for The Ringer.

About four minutes in, Plouffe was asked about the current state of the electoral college map and mentioned the Keystone State.

“I think Pennsylvania’s a lock,” Plouffe asserted. “You can get Donald Trump within two, if you do a lot of contortions. You can’t get him to a win number in Pennsylvania because her margins coming out of Philly and the suburbs will be too large.”

It was on this same podcast back in June when Plouffe first maintained that Donald Trump could not win the commonwealth and take its twenty electoral votes. He then doubled and tripled down on that contention with a series of tweets:

Last month, Plouffe told Meet the Press host Chuck Todd that “Donald Trump has less than zero percent chance of winning Pennsylvania.”

Plouffe was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware just outside of Philadelphia.

9 Responses

  1. Trump will win the T in Pennsylvania . Saying that Hillary will win Philiadelphia and its suburbs by a huge amount. Hillary will win Pennsylvania by at least 5 points. Nothing will change these numbers.

  2. I like Toomey — he’s a great senator — and don’t like Trump or Hillary. I want to see Barletta lose here in the sorry excuse for a gerrymandered 11th district! He’s a perfect kindred spirit to the ignoramus Trump and his nonsense/lies.

    Trump’s stances on foreign policy are just off the wall — see his back and forth with Bob Gates this week. Also, his inspiring of the alt-right and ginning up of hysteria is downright wacky! The protectionism, the isolationism, the bigotry, and the feel-sorry-for-ourselves-ism is over the top.

    And while Hillary makes herself out to be the reasonable one (which compared to the wacko Trump, is sort of convincing, maybe….), there are lots of questions there — given just how out there the left got the Dem’s platform this time! (i.e. the Hyde Amendment, embracing some of the Sanders vote’s off-the-wall economics!)

    Gary Johnson seems interesting — but I’d be a bit leery of his drug ideas — though I might write in Colin Powell as he had lots of on-point things in the leaked emails that came out this week regarding the conniving Hillary and the “national disgrace”/”international pariah” Trump!

    Seems like we’re in a race between Juan Peron and Christina Fernandez Kirchner — a race to see who wants to get us to be an Apple Republic (not a banana republic since we’re not tropical!) first!!

  3. Trump has always been scum. Toomey is just a bad senator for PA, no matter what he says about Trump.

  4. Plouffe is the anti Israel, and in opinion of many an anti Semite who even threatened Chuck Schummer for opposing the terrible deal with the butchers of Iran. Should we repeat the many unkind things he had to say about crooked Hiliary. To hell with his opinion about our Comminwealth. He’s smart but still scum/

  5. LOLololol… Plouffe has no IDEA what is happening here! Hasn’t left the beltway for ten years. Scripted Q’s and A’s trying to keep the Big Money Dems from dumping their boss Hillary. Really obvious attempt at damage control – but WAY too late! Queen Hillary has never reversed a polling slide in her entire career – and that includes the primary. She is cooked, and so is Corporate Katie.

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