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Podcast: GOP Senate Candidate Kathy Barnette

In this March episode of the PoliticsPA Podcast, Republican Kathy Barnette, a Montgomery County resident, talks about her candidacy in this spring’s U.S. Senate primary and why she felt compelled to run.

Barnette, who’s Black, talks about why she believes Democratic policies have been bad for African Americans, her losing run for Congress in 2020 and why, despite no credible evidence of significant voter fraud, she’s distrustful of the 2020 election results. Barnette also weighs in on January 6th,  Supreme Court nominee Judge Kentanji Brown Jackson, and the culture-war issues that divide the country.

You can listen to the PoliticsPA podcast on Apple, Spotify and other major podcast platforms.

20 Responses

  1. Fetterman has no friends in the Dem party, and no endorsements from anyone in the legislature. This is from a story in the (philly paper) today, 13 May. If Fetterman ain’t so hard to knock off then the case to vote Barnette is stronger.

    1. Now thats funny!! Ever hear of grassroots. Isn’t that what Kathy Barnette is touting. The King Donnie disciples aren’t for her!!

  2. Sounds like the interviewer is a hardcore Democrat the way he’s asking us questions but Kathy gave it back to him what he deserves

  3. So what is alarming is “despite no credible evidence of significant voter fraud” she’s “distrustful of the 2020 results” BUT…. we have all kinds of evidence of Trump collusion with Russia in 2016 – even positive proof that Donald JR met with Russians in Trump Tower. Why aren’t Republicans like Ms. Barnett and all other expelling Donald Trump from their party??? Fact is, she probably covets an endorsement from Mr. Pussy Grabber / Putin Lover himself. Covfefe

    1. It’s true. She glorifies the man. She reposted all sorts of nonsense about fraud after the election and downplaying Jan 6th as a media ploy.

      She is dangerous.

      1. I watched the results until midnight, she has over 70% of the precincts. Woke up and mail in ballots deducted from her count and added to Dean. Because of mail in ballots Kathy did not win one single red precinct that is almost 100% Republican how does that work. He Democrats are in delusion land wondering when you going to snap out of it

        1. My thoughts exactly they’re obviously was voter fraud I think what it was there’s like 1+1/2 times the people that are actually registered to vote actually voted how’s that possible

    2. Your an idiot. The Russia collision was fake. You been under a rock? You have no facts and no sense

      1. No voter fraud….IDIOT! Trump loves Putin. He even tried to pull the U.S. out of NATO and do Putins dirty work.

    3. Are you a f****** idiot they didn an investigation they found no evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians what they did find was evidence that Hillary Clinton colluded with the Russians not Trump don’t be an a******

    4. Are you retarded? Russian collusion was a hoax by Hillary Clinton, her lawyer Sussman to be indicted and hopefully more indictments to come
      but doubtful because of corruption. It has been proven. Do you only get your news from CNN? You should really expand your mind.

    5. I’ll bet you’re a very mentally-stable person and I’ll bet you’re just a JOY to be around during the holidays!

      For being a “huckabeast” you sure do act like a “hucka-baby”

  4. Kathy Barnette is the best hope to win against anybody the Democrats nominate, whether it is John Fetterman or Conor Lamb. This is not hyperbole.

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