PoliticsPA 1/10 Morning Buzz

The entire nation tuned in this weekend to the tragedy in Tucson, with members of PA’s delegation expressing their collective sorrow for the victims and families, and hopes for the health and recovery of colleague Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

The top trend among Pennsylvania politicos on social media: this could have happened to any one of us.

In other news, the Eagles’ season came to an end last night with a disappointing 21-16 loss at home. Rendell blew up on 60 minutes, sorf of. Drama regarding Mike Fitzpatrick’s oath/non-oth of office continues. State Rep. Kate Harper throws in her hat for Montco Commissioner. Efforts to privatize liquor stores and expand school vouchers gain ground. Rendell’s legacy is reviewed and comes out net positive. And Master of the PA Senate Stephen MacNett retires.

Good morning politicos, and welcome to the buzz.

Tucson Tragedy
PoliticsPA: Pennsylvania delegation reacts to Tucson tragedy
Post-Gazette: Giffords’ former roommate Kathy Dahlkemper reacts to shooting
New York Times: 9-year-old victim Christina Green was PA native, born on 9/11/01
Post-Gazette: Federal Judge John Roll, Chief Federal Justice of Arizona, was Pittsburgh native
Times Tribune: Former Rep. Carney, also Palin “target,” says Palin should apologize
Tribune Democrat: Shootings shock Critz, Shuster
PhillyClout: Rep. Brady plans legislation to outlaw threatening language against federal officials
The Times-Tribune: Pa. man says he helped tackle shooter
KDKA: Interviews with Western PA Congressmen about the tragedy

PoliticsPA Reports
PoliticsPA: Judicial nominee Mariani was Casey donor
PoliticsPA: Pennsylvania Democrats gear up for health-care fight
PoliticsPA: Marino receives 3rd committee posting
PoliticsPA: Casey pushes for filibuster reform in 112th Congress
PoliticsPA: Democratic voter registration edge shrinks to under 900,000

Inquirer: Fitzpatrick apologizes for missing swear-in, denies holding fundraiser at Capitol
The Hill: Watchdog groups want “oathgate” probe
Daily News: ‘60 minutes’ uses angry Rendell in promo
Times Herald: State Rep. Kate Harper (R-61) to run for Montco Commissioner
Patriot News: Ed Rendell’s legacy
Patriot News: Corbett names Inspector General, nominates PEMA Director
Post-Gazette: Toomey says he won’t bend on key issues
Post-Gazette: Profiles Pat Toomey , who plans to commute by train
The Times-Tribune: Kanjorski reflects on legacy, reasons for defeat
Tribune-Review: Pennsylvania leaders push plan for school vouchers
The Times-Tribune: DRBC hearing on regulatory wells cancelled
Philadelphia Weekly: Challengers line up against entrenched Philly Election Commission
Post-Gazette: Campaign targets gambling addicts
Public Policy Polling: Casey strong against potential Republicans in 2012
Times-Tribune: Rendell: $20 million in state aid for PNC Field renovations moving forward
Inquirer: Outburst at Lesley Stahl on 60 Minutes is pure Rendell, observers say
Inquirer: Nutter Rivals Plotting?
Inquirer: Eagles’ season over; Kolb wants to start next season, Philly or elsewhere

Inquirer Editorial: Rendell’s Legacy leaves Pennsylvania better off
Daily News Editorial: Reading the Constitution is fine – cherry-picking from it is not
John Forester, Reading Eagle: Why the rush? Hold special for O’Pake seat on May 17 primary
It’s Our Money, Daily News: Public sector workers are NOT underpaid
Times-News Editorial: U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly gets chance to make good on campaign pledges
Williamsport Sun-Gazette Editorial: The obscenely uneven pension playing field
The Citizens’ Voice Editorial: Implement NTSB recommendations
Patriot News Editorial: Constitution isn’t sacred – it shows that our nation is a work in progress
Patriot News Editorial: Gaming Control Board should be ashamed for delay
Patriot News Editorial: Retiring Staffer Stephen MacNett was master of the PA Senate
Tribune Review Editorial: Mexico’s strict gun control laws show that gun regulation is ineffective
The Times-Tribune Editorial: State needs to grow greener
Jim Foster, Inquirer: Not impressed by City Council

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