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PoliticsPA Election Recap

Voting-boothTom Wolf cruised to a double-digit win and Gov. Tom Corbett to a historic loss Tuesday. Below the top ticket race, a Republican wave swept bigger GOP majorities into the state House and Senate. Here are all the election results you need to know.

PA-Gov: Tom Wolf Elected Governor: Wolf will become the 47th Governor of Pennsylvania.


PA-6: Costello Wins Election to Congress: With Jim Gerlach retiring, Republicans kept the seat as Ryan Costello defeated Manan Trivedi.

PA-8: Rep. Fitzpatrick Re-Elected: Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick has been elected to his fourth-term in Congress.

Congressional Races Run-Down: Brendan Boyle cruised, while voters returned Keith Rothfus and every other other incumbent to Congress. Here are the final results.

State Legislature

GOP Sweeps PA Senate Races: Republicans went five for five in competitive state Senate races Tuesday, expanding their majority by 3 seats: 30 to 20

Republicans Romp to Pick Up 8 House Seats: PA House Republicans had a strong night Tuesday, adding 8 seats to their majority (now 119 to 84) and protecting every one of their incumbents from Democratic challengers.

SD-26: McGarrigle Wins Narrowly Over Kane: In what was easily the most talked about State Senate race of the year, Delaware County Chairman Tom McGarrigle edged out Plumbers Local 690 Business Manager John Kane for a Republican victory

SD-32: Stefano Knocks Off Kula in GOP Pickup: After a contentious race, Republican businessman Pat Stefano defeated state Rep. Deb Kula for the seat of retiring Sen. Rich Kasunic (D-Fayette).

SD-40: GOP Picks Up New Senate District with Scavello: Capping off another successful midterm election for the GOP, State Rep. Mario Scavello defeated Democratic attorney Mark Aurand.

SD-46: Incumbent Solobay Loses to Bartolotta: The Democrat State Senator suffered a defeat at the hands of his GOP challenger

HD-46: GOP Opponent Ortitay Beats Rep. White: The Democratic incumbent conceded the race, which represents a Republican pickup.

HD-74: Lewis Overcomes Maxwell: Republican newcomer Harry Lewis defeated Democratic hopeful Josh Maxwell.

HD-81: Mike Fleck Concedes to Irvin: The incumbent, who made headlines when he became the first openly gay legislator in PA history, lost his seat to a fellow Republican.

HD-83: GOP Pickup: Wheeland Defeats Mirabito: The Lycoming County Commissioner ousted three-term incumbent Democrat Rep. Rick Mirabito.

HD-120: GOP Pickup: Kaufer Wins in Upset: The Republican flips the district for the first time since 1991.

HD-146: Tom Quigley Wins Back State House Seat: The Republican, who lost in 2012, took back his seat Tuesday.

HD-157: Warren Kampf Staves Off Challenge from Democrat Marion Moskowitz: State Rep. Kampf prevailed in his re-election effort.

HD-163: Santora Fights off Challenge to Keep Seat in Republican Hands: Republicans maintained their hold on the seat vacated by retiring Rep. Nicholas Micozzie.

See more State House race results here: PA House Republicans had a strong night Tuesday, adding 8 seats to their majority and protecting every one of their incumbents from Democratic challengers.

24 Responses

  1. wonderful amazing information i appreciate your amazing post we should talk about such kind topic because we also should knowledge about our country this good idea thank for such informative post.

  2. I wouldn’t gloat if I were you. It would be different if all the electorate was voting. Not just 1/3 of it. Real Dems stayed home because we can smell out fake crap. 24 months from now let’s see if you have the same attitude when your beloved Pat Gloomey is defeated single handedly. Because I don’t care who’s nominated. You seem to have a problem writing out Barack Hussein Obama for some reason. The entire country will give your party an even bigger slap-down in ’16 when blue state repubs are all defeated. So don’t get too comfy with your hollow victory. It means nothing.

  3. @ JS:

    As has been well-documented on these pages [plus in my other writings and oral comments], I “got over it” more than two years ago; the key-question is whether YOU have recovered yet from the national slap-down of BHO that [historically] was delivered simultaneously?

  4. “Chris Martinez” may be channeled–based upon the above-article–simply by noting that the oft’-cited precedent that re-election is routine was UNDERMINED by Corbett’s having allowed the unions to undermine his primary-agenda [shudda listened to Guzzardi] and by Corbett’s having alienated Penn-State-Grads [“Tom Killed JoePA”].

    “Tom beat Tom, jus’ as I perdicttted!”

    The contrast with Wisconsin is stark, and he can’t claim he wasn’t forewarned for–if nothing else–ample editorialization was provided both on this website and via my “Blast” e-mails.

  5. Patrick,
    I know the radical right in the “T” would not warm to Fitzpatrick in a primary. But if he did make it thru a primary then he could conceivably win 3 or 4 counties in SEPA. The Dem nominee would have to move right to secure the suburban base.

    I would think State Senator Chuck McIlhinney would be a more likely candidate. Being an influential senator and having worked with leaders from across the state, he may have the contacts to establish a statewide campaign. Like Fitzpatrick he can raise money and is not quite as moderate so the T may be willing to gamble on a SEPA republican for a position other than LG.

  6. Corbett was the worst governor ever and by the end he looked like had had shingles from realizing this gig was going to be over.
    As to national voting that swept the GOP so vastly, blame can go to the pundits who catapaulted the GOP rhetoric that people were under-served and disatisfied with the economy.
    President Obama deserved better that what this racist nation has failed to credit him for–many accomplishments.

  7. Margo-
    It wasn’t my intent to single you out (it just appeared that way because you posted and I responded).

    For the record… I have also publicly chastised the other Philly area Dems who voted for the redistricting. I have even supported long-shot challengers to those Dems in Philly.

    I do get you and don’t have you in some “box” like others. You had a hard-fought primary and you showed, decisively, that you have support in your district. You are very sharp politically and always have a thorough explanation for your votes. But, to be fair, the progressive wing of the party is less enthusiastic about some of your choices. But, I respect you, how hard you fight, your win/support in your district.

    As a progressive, I want to keep an open dialog with you and introduce you to other progressives who can help inform you on some the issues, because I know you do listen and keep an open mind. For example, you mentioned that you respect the advice of Greg Vitali on environmental issues because of his expertise. There may also issues that impact your constituents in indirect ways that might be off your radar (like higher pollution levels from other districts). I’m glad that you are approachable. Even though I can’t always convince you, I do get a good hearing.

    You also happen to have the top campaign manager in the state. I would love to put her in charge of the HDCC. We would have had some better outcomes if she ran that operation and could pick her own team.

  8. Dave, I have come to agree with some of your analysis of late but I disagree with your redistricting “chastisement.” It would not have furthered Dems in PA to have two D’run against each other. We would have one less D, in the PA delegation than we have now, just like what was done with the state House maps. That was the alternative map the Congressional Ds rallied against in asking us to vote for the compromise map. I know you disagree and you know most Ds, not just me, who have a D congressman voted for it. Likewise the majority of Ds voted for other bills that you say Rs in my district liked.

    Certain people like to single me out because I don’t fit the box of their own mind, right “Larry.”

    Anyway, I’m done here. My election proves the people of my district “get me” and love me because I work hard for THEM not any particular ideology or special interest, them, the people. And I love them right back!

    I have no further comment. Cheers everyone!

  9. Mike Fitzpatrick for Governor? Give me a break. He’d be more likely to run for a lower-profile job like State Treasurer.

  10. Costa voted with the Republicans to eliminate the stream buffer zone. Screw him. He deserves getting a primary challenger for that vote. Screw him.

    Margo- Some of your conservative votes appealed to the Republicans in your district. Also, your big primary got a lot more people aware and built up your infrastructure and ground game. That investment paid off for you election night. I didn’t even realize you had a challenger in the general as I don’t recall seeing a single sign for your opponent.

    Montco Dem-
    You are correct. Margo did make that vote (and I publicly chastised her for it). Her reasoning was that Bob Brady wanted it and since it was the deal the congress people worked out, she went with his recommendation, since it affected them.
    I understand, but disagree with that reasoning. Bob just made his seat safer from a primary challenge by making it “whiter”. The 7th has become unobtainable. This affects everyone, and St. Legislators should be making responsible choices and not deferring to the selfish choices of Bob Brady and the other congressman interested in gerrymandering districts.
    I hope we can get a non-partisan computer-generated redistricting bill onto Tom Wolf’s desk before he leaves office.

  11. Politics PA is such a hack rag. Was Adolph’s seat really competitive. It was as competitive as mine. By reading this piece of crap blog you would have thought that I was being trounced by opponent in the primary but this joke publication didn’t have the journalistic integrity to say I beat my opponent by double digits – FYI that’s more than “surviving.” It also further fails to report that I was the only Delco Dem to have a primary at all and then went on to win the general with 80% of the vote with, as you say, “no coattails.” Eighty percent by the way outperforms the registration and democratic performance #s. Go away Politics PA

  12. Can we fire the inept Aren Platt now? The SDCC should be ashamed of themselves. Without a doubt the worst allocation of election funds in my lifetime. Give over 400k to Kim Rose, whom the local paper called “woefully unprepared for the job?” Then turn around and lose Solobay and Kane. Fire them all. We got screwed yesterday by inept leadership from Costa and Hughes on down.

  13. Couple takeaways. Other than Corbett huge night for R’s across PA. Fitzpatrick “squeaks” by again in his “swing” district with 62% of vote. He is well positioned to challenge Wolf in 2 years if he wants. Fitz’s ultimate successor Frank Farry wins 2-1 in his Lower Bucks seat. If Farry decides to sit out Bucks R’s have a huge bench. Dem’s only have Santeserio unless they decide to import another candidate.

  14. I predict that the “historic loss” this year is just the beginning of a new Pennsylvania trend of one-term governors.

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