PoliticsPA: New poll signals possible primary problem for Nutter

Will Michael Nutter have a tough time in next year’s Democratic mayoral primary?

He might if Sam Katz gets gets into the race as a Democrat, according to a new Municipoll/PoliticsPA poll unveiled Friday. The polling firm reported that Nutter leads Katz in a hypothetical matchup by only 4 percentage points, 38 percent to 34 percent.

“With 28 percent of the electorate undecided and Nutter well below 50 percent, Katz seems well-positioned to mount a competitive bid for mayor,” the poll concludes.

Nutter’s prospects improve slightly when compared to a multi-candidate field, but there could remain some cause for concern. He draws 32 percent support when pitted against a field of opponents that includes U.S. Rep. Bob Brady (17 percent) U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah (16 percent) state House Appropriations Chairman Dwight Evans (9 percent) and 2007 candidate Tom Knox (8 percent). Eighteen-percent of likely voters are undecided in that race.

Congressman Brady also remains Nutter’s stiffest competition even when pitted against Katz. In another hypothetical field of candidates, Nutter draws 30 percent support against Brady (16 percent) Katz (15 percent) City Councilman Bill Green (9 percent) and City Controller Alan Butkovitz (5 percent), with 23 percent undecided.

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The automated poll surveyed 810 likely voters on Aug. 25 and has a margin of error of 3.44 points. Likely voters were pulled from a list of registered Democrats in Philadelphia.

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One thought on “PoliticsPA: New poll signals possible primary problem for Nutter”

  1. The Dance says:

    Keep Nutter where he is. He’s next in line to be the US Conference of Mayors Chair. Considering his relationship with the Obama Administration, from what one can divine, it’s a close one, we’re better off as a City for the next 6 years potentially keeping Mayor Nutter right where he is and hold him accountable.

    Sam had his chance, 3 times at least…Chaka should be so lucky as to have a shot at Appropriations chair, stick around and see how that works out and stay out of Mayors race. Dwight needs to sit still and Brady needs to maintain his position as Mayor of Congress, not Philly, less he wants to retire and have someone young and more visionary replace him….which would be a good idea.

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