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PoliticsPA Up & Down: 12/03 Edition

Mayor Michael Nutter – The spat over whether to label a 15th century German-style farmers market outside City Hall a “Christmas” or “Holiday” village was an unnecessary sideshow – easy red meat for guys like Matt Drudge.  But Mayor Nutter was right to quickly get involved quickly, and played it right when he did.

 Former Mayor John Street – Philly’s former mayor let slip in a Philadelphia Magazine interview (with Sam Katz) that he thinks his successor is “incredibly arrogant, incompetent and offensive.”  Which does literally nothing to help the City in any way.  Street got re-elected in 2003 by scaring up a Bush administration witch hunt.  But he’d be better off taking a page out of W’s book and resisting the urge to criticize the guy who took over for him.

Governor Rendell – Organizing and hosting that party for Arlen Specter last weekend was a classy move by the Guv.  On the other hand, he’s set to leave office without finding a long-term solution for transportation funding and fixing the mess created by Act 44 (the I-80 tolling plan).

Auditor General Jack Wagner – After four years and a campaign for Governor, now he decides to put his foot down and say he will not sign off on a bond issue. While it is nice to see him fighting for fiscal restraint, why is he taking his objections to the next level now?

State Legislature – It seems odd that nobody noticed that there was an automatic cost-of-living adjustment each year and that the way the formula is added up, legislators would see an increase in their salary. Now, we go through this litany of stories again about which legislators will accept the increase and which ones won’t.  But one thing is clear, this whole thing could have been avoided if the adjustments were not automatic.

2 Responses

  1. Failing to prevent uymnplonmeet rates from reaching a certain percentage is not the same as destroying jobs. Oh bullsht.Jobs were destroyed by layoffs in fear of Obamas sht. I can’t help but observe that if anyone is feeling quite secure and comfortable in this country, it’s the big banks If they’re do comfy why arent they loaning ?The anti big business sentiment cost you guys on tuesday yet you’re still baging that drum.The big banks dont want to subsidize smaller rural banks because of the risks that are all too evident.Once again the moronic left has cornered the banks into non profitable ventures due to regulations tied to this admin.ItsCarter and the CRA all over again. You guys never learn. But the banks aint falling for it the second time

  2. The recent Landslide victory by Republicans has me Very concerned. They have shown to reign without any Fiscal discipline and seem to worry about Corporations and the Wealthy more than the Middle class. The recent refusal to give 98% of us a Tax Break without the Wealthy 2% getting the same? This has already cost us $700 Billion in DEFICIT and will add another, Unfunded, $700 Billion of Deficit. These Cuts did not create Jobs, nor did it Stimulate the Economy. Jobs declined throughout the Bush Presidency, despite these unfunded tax cuts and during a time of War with 2 Nations. How are you going to Pay for Anything when we continue to Allow Subsidies for Corporations, Off shore Acct.’s, and Tax breaks for the Rich while the rest of America is strapped and working harder for less income. Good help You if you get injured on the Job in Pennsylvania. And NO, No one cares that you get screwed. Don’t bother complaining, I tried for 23 years to get someone to listen. It won’t change and if it does it will get worse, if that’s even possible.

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