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PoliticsPA’s 9/30 Ups & Downs

Rick Santorum. The former Senator turned in another solid debate performance, especially compared to Texas Governor Rick Perry, and he is starting to inch into the limelight. He got a ton of good media hits as a result (Washington Post, ABC News, Washington Examiner, etc).

John Callahan. The Bethlehem Mayor is considering another bid for Congress, but headlines about FEC fines and improper campaign finances are not the way to kick it off.

Tom Corbett. Last week we said the Governor had scored big political points for his handling of the flooding crisis. This week’s Quinnipiac poll backed it up. Corbett’s approval ratings jumped by a net 10 points from their August 3 survey, including a massive 35 point swing in northeast PA which was hardest-hit.

Bob Casey. The Senator may not be at the 50 percent mark in the polls, but at least most Pennsylvanians know who he is. As of today, there’s a fairly strong case in favor of his re-election bid. And he’s expected to have another $1 million plus fundraising haul this quarter.

GWB. The President gave a personal, funny and well-received speech this week at the PA Chamber’s annual dinner this week. Love or hate what he did in office, his transition from Commander in Chief to former president has been very graceful.

Tom Smith. Being able to set up eight events across the state in two days is one of the advantages of hiring an experienced campaign team and chartering a plane. Each of those things, in turn, is an advantage of having sufficient personal finances to kick-start a U.S. Senate campaign. The coal industry veteran and former Tea Party leader made his bid official this week.

Electoral College Plan. Most Pennsylvanians oppose the proposal to end the winner-take-all system for PA’s electoral votes, according to Quinnipiac. An even stronger majority see the plan as motivated by partisanship.

4 Responses

  1. Congrats to Mr. Smith for his expensive announcement “fly-ins”…must have cost a lot…more than most PA folk have. Too bad the little people on the roads working the gas pumps, diners, and toll booths were bypassed. It seems, though, that Colonel Vernon accomplished the same feat at a fraction of the cost…driving…actually meeting the people at ground level. I think he deserves an “up arrow” for his accomplishment. If he legislates and governs on a similarly tight budget, he’s got my vote.

  2. Joe,

    You have a point. McCaffery is only hurting the party’s chances of winning the Attorney General’s office. Murphy is as good a candidate for the job as I could ask for, and Kane is certainly an interesting alternative. But McCaffery is a sure-fire loser in the general – and will only hurt the other candidates in the primary.

    And thank goodness the electoral college plan is losing steam. What a great way to marginalize our relevance in the November.

  3. Looks as if the one article about McCaffrey is all the press he is getting for his run at Attorney General. Not even a mention in this week’s up and down. That is a big downer, if you are not even on the radar. Get out now Dan before your ego, and your brother’s image is damaged any more. A disappointed Democrat!

  4. A couple of points to respectfully disagree:

    1. The Quinni poll shows that PA and other states like OH are moving from Blue to Red. PA will not vote for Casey Jr. He’s far too Liberal for the Middle and the Right.

    2. With all due respect Mr. Smith, if you only changed parties this year, I will not even consider you a legitimate candidate. The idiolological divide between the Left and Right has been widening for a decade. Sorry, this is a day late and a dollar short.

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