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PoliticsPA’s Chiefs of Staff Spotlight: Jordan Clark

At PoliticsPA, we love staffers as much as elected officials. That’s why we’re bringing you the fourth installment in our newest feature, Chief of Staff Spotlight. Each week, we’ll introduce you to one of the people who make the PA delegation possible.

We’ve chosen at random, and this week we present Jordan Clark, Chief of Staff for Rep. GT Thompson (R-Centre). Clark is a man who heeds his own advice – namely, “Don’t fill out questionnaires.”


Asked for a photo, Clark responded: "I don’t have a recent or even not too recent photo. But I do look a lot like Brad Pitt."

What’s your name?

See Email you sent to me

Who is your boss?

See my signature block

What is your birthday?

My birthday as with most people is the day, month and year on which I was born.

Where did you grow up?

Still growing. Hope to never stop.

Where did you go to college and what was your major?

University of Scranton before The Office. English/Education.

Are you married? Dating? Single?

I was once single, am married and I am no longer dating.

Do you have any kids?

No but many adult children in coordination with my wife. Too many to list, plus they would kill me.


What was your first political job?

Running a campaign for the Secretary of my sixth grade class.

What was your biggest break in politics?

Winning that election.

How long have you worked with your boss?

Ever since I married her.

What was your position when you first started in the office?


What’s the worst job outside of politics you have ever had?

There is no life outside of Politics.


What has been your proudest single accomplishment/achievement since working on Capitol Hill?

Getting to know my way around the Rayburn Building.

What is your favorite PA sports team?

Ed Rendell.

Where and what do you eat lunch on most days?

What’s lunch?

Favorite “political” movie?

Dr. Strangelove: “There’s no fighting in the War Room”.

Blackberry or I-Phone?

What happens at Verizon, stays at Verizon.

What political figure do you most admire (excluding your boss), and a sentence or two why?

I admire all them. Let’s say most.  Who else but the brave would get into politics?

What makes a Chief of Staff “good” and why? What advice would you give to the aspiring Chiefs of Staff out there?

Hard work, respect for others and their views, staying informed, listening, thick skin, a great staff, the good luck to work for great bosses and for survival, a sense of humor.  Advice to aspiring COSs- freely given but seldom used-  Don’t fill out questionnaires.

And for good measure, here’s a snippet of the press release announcing Thompson’s selection of Clark as COS:

“Jordan brings a wealth of experience to the table. With strong Pennsylvania roots, Jordan has served as Chief of Staff to several Members’ of the Pennsylvania Congressional delegation, was a high level official at the Department of Energy under President Reagan, and has served in senior leadership positions at a host of not-for-profit organizations in Washington.

“As a proud veteran of the U.S. Army, Jordan is acutely aware of the needs and challenges facing our men and women in uniform, Is an expert in energy policy, and brings an insight and understanding to the job that will serve the constituents of this district to the highest degree.”

Clark served as COS to Thompson’s predecessor, Rep. John Peterson.

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