PoliticsPA’s Morning Buzz: 12/29 Edition

Corbett welcomes a showdown with the state employee unions, Pittsburgh City Council just can’t seem to pass a budget, preliminary details emerge on the special election to fill Sen. O’Pake’s seat, and Governor Rendell was right! If the game had been played on Sunday, as Rendell loudly advocated, Adrian Peterson (who ran for 118 yards and a TD) may not even have played.

Today’s Headlines:

Patriot News: Corbett welcomes showdown with state employee unions.
Post-Gazette: Another potential solution to Pittsburgh city budget fails.
Inquirer: Philly area State Senators forego pay raises.
Reading Eagle: Preliminary details emerge for special election in SD-11.
Reading Eagle: Failure of DREAM Act dashes hopes for local students.
Tribune Review: Marcellus drillers dispute allegations of sticking the state with bill for damaged roads.
CBS Philly: Montgomery County political infighting continues over Commish race.
Tribune Review: Ward to resubmit e-verify bill.
Patriot News: Ron Buxton dispels rumors – has no plans to retire this term.
Times News: Petition filed against 814 area code change.
Times Tribune: Scranton city budget battle continues, First Night in the crosshairs.
Fox 29: Philly pension fund in serious jeopardy.
Patriot News: Rendell was right, Eagles would have been better off playing Sunday.

Today’s Opinions:

Inquirer Editorial: It’s time for action on the deficit – Congress should cut spending and end gold-plated tax breaks.
Patriot News Editorial: Net Neutrality rules are a too-small step in the right direction.
Patriot News Editorial: Cumberland Commissioner Eichelberger looks pretty bad in all this email mess.
George Curry, Inquirer: Tax cut deal shows Obama and Republicans aren’t serious about the deficit
Post-Gazette Editorial: City Council must reach budget agreement
Tribune Review Editorial: GOP’s Constitution reading at start of session is not a stunt
John Interval, Tribune Democrat: Forthcoming EPA regs will kill area jobs
Denny Bonavita, Courier Express: Immigrants in military service deserve a shortcut, but DREAM Act goes too far.

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