PoliticsPA’s Morning Buzz: 9/1 Edition

A pair of new ads are up on TV (courtesy of Tom Corbett and Joe Sestak), critics lash out at the AG for using “Bonusgate” accomplishments as campaign talking points,  and the state is paying way, way too much in unemployment insurance. This is Wednesday’s Buzz.

On the Trail:

Dan Onorato will be speaking about Marcellus Shale in Harrisburg today.

Sen. Casey will be talking about wind energy in Mainesburg and will be appearing at the Sullivan County Fair in Forksville.

From PoliticsPA:

Corbett unveils first TV ad of gubernatorial general election season and mocks those who doubt he can keep his no-tax pledge (Senator Pileggi not mentioned by name). Upshot of the ad: “The politicians were just as skeptical when I promised to fight corruption in Pennsylvania,” Corbett says. “Boy, were they wrong.”

…Not a huge surprise, the folks at CasablancaPA didn’t like it.

Meanwhile, we got our first look at Sestak’s first TV ad, linking Republican Pat Toomey to his Wall Street past.

The Toomey camp says the ad is inaccurate, but the Post-Gazette isn’t buying it.

Sestak could use the ad boost. A new Rasmussen puts Toomey up 6. A new Reuters/Ipsos puts him up 10.

The same Reuters/Ipsos poll says Corbett is leading Onorato by 15 points, 49 percent to 34 percent.

Mike Kelly joins the NRCC’s “Young Guns.”

Today’s Headlines:

Inquirer: Sam Katz’s run for Mayor might be the real deal.

Daily News: “It is politically predictable, with control of the governor’s office up for grabs in the Nov. 2 general election, for the candidates to accuse each other of running misleading campaign ads. But state Attorney General Tom Corbett, the Republican nominee, seems to contradict someone surprising – himself, twice – in his first commercial.”

Erie Times-News: AARP debate set for Thursday in Erie County between Kathy Dahlkemper and Mike Kelly has been canceled.

The Hill: Rep. Critz race now “Leans Democratic”

Patriot-News: The defense attorney for two former state lawmakers charged in Attorney General Tom Corbett’s investigation of the state Legislature has asked a Dauphin County court to rule on whether the Dauphin County District Attorney must investigate charges of election code fraud and alleged grand jury abuse by Corbett.

StateCollege.com: Rep. Thompson at Penn State: Terrorists ‘keep trying’

PA Independent: Pennsylvania residents collected more than $4.8 billion in unemployment compensation during 2009, but 7.71 percent of those payments – totaling more than $374 million – were either fraudulent or nonrecoverable overpayments, according to the federal Labor Department report.

Today’s Opinions:

The Post-Gazette says a tax would not hamper drillers eyeing Marcellus Shale: “A $36,000 pig — or tax revenue to pay regulators to monitor drillers whose pollutants, in the words of Dr. Volz, deserve close inspection? We know what most Pennsylvanians would choose.”

The Patriot News wants some clarity on stem cell research

In the Daily News, a LTE proposes bringing Sister Mary Scullion in to run PHA

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  1. Governor Corbett,
    Several years ago you approved a civil case for my Family against the State police in my county. The case has been on going for several years. My Husband is in SCI Mercer for beating a habitual perpetual rapist. He was “Enhanced” by the DA & has served well over his minimum w/ a clean stay. It is going on 8 years & his minimum was 5. Unconstitutional, I might add. The State Police beat up our Family far worse than my Husband (A Marine) beat the rapist. The Police & the rapist walk free. I also believe that my now sick, dying Husband is still incarcerated due to the civil case.

    You are standing up against corruption & I am asking you to look in to my Husbands situation Steve Mitchell FT-5438
    801 Butler Pike
    Mercer, PA 16137
    His councilor is Ken Wint & Deputy Warden Mallmeister is acquainted w/ him, as well. My husband worked for him a few years ago.

    I beseech you to find mercy for my Family as there has been no justice. Our Daughter feels as if it is her fault her Daddy is in prison. The rapist has raped again (Womens Advocate says his name comes up often.) Any time we come in close proximity of the police we are laughed & sneered at. Now my Husband is very ill & not receiving proper medical care as he is only a convict. Well, he is not he was a good provider, a loving caring Dad, A fine Husband & now an astute inmate.

    At least contact me so I know I voted for a man of his word.

    Robin LP Mitchell
    cell (570)294-0775

    Robin Mitchell

    P.S. I was referred to you thorough a Lady by the name Mary Buzzard

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