PoliticsPA’s Morning Buzz: 9/20 Edition

The President is back in the state for the 2nd time in as many weeks, the Marcellus Shale tax debate is heating up in Harrisburg, and it seems Sen. Specter has one last fight left in him. Good Monday morning, welcome to the Buzz, hope you don’t get a case of the Mondays

On the trail

President Obama will be in Philadelphia to campaign for Joe Sestak.

Pat Toomey will be in Enola signing a pledge to repeal the death tax.

Dan Onorato will appear with Philly DA Seth Williams to talk about gun policy in Philadelphia

Gov. Christie will be in Springfield to campaign for Pat Meehan.

Mike Kelly will be campaigning throughout the 3rd Congressional District discussing his “Contract with 3rd District”

Weekend Headlines

LA Times: Wall Street ties are a major player in midterm elections (h/t Early Returns)

AP: Pa. Senate race gets rough, fought through ads (h/t Early Returns)

Inquirer: Corbett expected to get endorsed by 2 largely black Phila. groups

Post-Gazette: Low-key Toomey sticks to credo of less spending

Times Leader: Corbett has slight lead over Onorato in Governor’s race (and Toomey also holds a lead over Sestak)

Leader Times: Onorato calls small towns part of state’s treasures

AP: With House at stake, turnout is key for Dems

PA2010.com: Boehner headlining state GOP dinner

Commonwealth Confidential: Corbett seeks to undermine Onorato in Phila.

Early Returns: Specter pushing SCOTUS cameras

The Times-Tribune did dueling profiles of Rep. Kanjorski and Lou Barletta

PA2010.com: Report: NRCC could spend more than $500k on Marino

Pa2010.com: Marino says he can’t release DOJ letter, as report indicates it doesn’t exist

Morning Call: Dent maintains double-digit lead in three way race for Congress Undecideds have dwindled from a third to 10 percent

Inquirer: Rendell’s office releases content of all bulletins on planned protests

Tribune-Review: Ravenstahl says he did not receive any terror research reports

Tribune-Review: Quakers, anti-war rallies on alert list

Inquirer: Showdown looms in Harrisburg

Tribune-Review: Pennsylvania’s aging gas lines bring dangers close to home

Weekend Opinions

Post-Gazette: Pennsylvania legislators must levy a reasonable tax on natural gas production

Today’s Headlines

Inquirer: Pa. Legislature has little time, major issues

Times-Tribune: Site tracks shale industry campaign spending

Today’s Opinions

John Baer: In Pennsylvania, tax on rock could be a gas

Daniel Rubin: Faulty intelligence led to Pennsylvania intelligence scandal

Times-Tribune: Grim proof of loophole

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