PoliticsPA’s Up & Down: 9/17 Edition

Gov. Rendell, look there are some things that are beyond your control, but when your Department of Homeland Security screws up this bad, we should see more than a termination of the contract and a task force established. On top of all that, your head of the Department of Homeland Security has gone into hiding, what a mess.

Dan Onorato and Joe Sestak, you two have Bill Clinton in Philly for the Liberty Medal ceremony, and your campaigns can’t coordinate one event? First, we found out about the Onorato event and then at the last minute, we all found out about the Sestak event. Then, the Sestak event caused Clinton to show up late to the Onorato event. The last thing Democrats need is the press focusing on discord between the two campaigns when the image of Clinton with Onorato and Sestak could have been the lead.

President Obama – It’s great to see the President giving the Keystone state so much attention this month, and great to see him highlighting the Philadelphia School system, to boot. Aren’t there other high schools the President could have gone to other than Masterman, one of the highest performing high schools in the region, where he could have highlighted the needs of so many urban high schools in the country where most do not perform as well as Masterman?

Pat Toomey – Two polls this week showed him winning by large margins, first a Fox News poll had him up by 6 points and then a Rasmussen poll had him up by 8 points, this has been pretty consistent throughout campaign season and has to frustrate the Sestak campaign.

Gov. Rendell – You may have had a bad week in other ways, but you managed to make the trek down to DC for Mika Brzezinski’s Bipartisan Health Challenge.  Now we know the Guv lost all that weight…

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