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Poll: 64% Approve of Wolf COVID Response

According to new polling data from SurveyMonkey, which were shared with The Washington Post, 49 governors across the nation, including Gov. Tom Wolf, have a higher approval rating for their response for the coronavirus over President Donald Trump. 

64% approve of Wolf’s handling of the coronavirus in the state, while Trump’s national approval rating on the matter is 43%. The data does not specify what Trump’s approval rating on coronavirus is in the Keystone State. 

Wolf finds himself in the middle of the pack of governor approval rating with his 64% placing him tied for 33rd place with Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt. The governor with the highest approval rating is Maryland’s Larry Hogan (R) with 85%, while Georgia’s Brian Kemp (R) is the lowest at 43%. 

This SurveyMonkey poll was based on interviews with 123,335 adults nationwide between April 30-May 13, including state-level sample sizes that ranged from 210 interviews in North Dakota to 17,471 interviews in California, with at least 400 interviews in 42 states. The article did not specify the amount of interviews conducted in Pennsylvania alone and since it is a “non-probability sampling method,” no margin of sampling error is reported. 

Wolf has consistently polled above 60% for his response on the matter from various polling outlets.

A Washington Post-Ipsos poll released last week that was conducted between April 27-May 4, 2020 showed Wolf with a 72% approval rating of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, while 27% disapprove, leaving Wolf with a 45 point net approval rating on the matter. 45% of Pennsylvanians in that same poll supported Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, while 54% disapproved, resulting in the president holding a -9 point net approval rating on the issue. 

Several polls conducted in April also showed Wolf with strong support on the matter including a Fox News poll that had Wolf with a 69% approval rating, while 25% disapproved, resulting in a 44 net approval rating on his response to the coronavirus. A Public Policy Polling survey showed Wolf with a 59% approval rating on the matter, while 29% disapproved, leaving him with a 30 point net approval rating of his handling of the matter. Polling from FOX43/Susquehanna Polling and Research showed 68% in the state approve of Wolf’s response to COVID-19, while 18% disapproved, giving the governor a 50 point net approval rating on the issue.

Although Wolf has received widespread support for his handling of the matter, Republicans have recently ratcheted up their criticisms on Wolf for his handling of the virus. A Philadelphia Inquirer story published on Wednesday morning titled, “Pennsylvania Republicans have a new campaign season villain and it’s not Nancy Pelosi,” shows that Wolf has turned into the target for GOP attacks within the state.

13 Responses

  1. All the hardworking small business owners whose lives have been destroyed by Levine obviously weren’t asked.

  2. Pennsylvania State Senate Republicans must be living in a delusional world if they think anyone has any regard for their meanderings. That dumb Idea to have County Commissioners re-open Pa is in the hall of fame of dumbness. One would think the Pa State Senate Dem Leadership is not all that great with their bungling but their counterparts in the State Senate Republican Party aren’t much better.

    1. GOP is not any better. Only things worse are GOP State House, Moscow Mitch US Senate, and the Orange Buffoon in WH, with his fat stupid sidekick Pompeo. Pence does not count because Mother has not yet given him permission.

  3. People want the state to open up, and it is opening up – with caution. I’m okay with this, but understand that there are enough knuckleheads in Pa. (Philadelphia to the east, Pittsburgh to the west, Alabama in the middle), to mess it up by not complying with regulations. And as far as Wolf being “toast,” why? He’s got no more elections to win in Pa. He’s on his second term.

    1. Alabama bleeds out into NW between PGH and Erie. But here we call it Pennsyltucky.

  4. Another fake poll. He’s plummeting and his people know it that’s why he’s enacting what he’s vetoing because he knows it’s what the public wants. Any scientific poll will reflect he’s underwater in PA. You know you got problems when SE Democrats in Bucks county are kicking and screaming.

    1. Exactly. He has done a terrible job with the response, and continues to double down on locking down when other states are opening up with great success.

      He’s toast.

    2. I’m sure what Wolf is enacting is not EXACTLY what he vetoed. Details matter. Besides, PA was on the way to opening anyhow. 24 counties in NW; then a dozen more, etc. Have patience. Yeah, I know. I need a haircut too. But dog groomers are not my worry.

    3. I love how people who disagree with the GOP’s negative polling call everything “fake”. The only real thing that’s fake is your reaction. Grow up.

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